Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Screenshots from the Full Trailer

Scene by scene breakdown of the Double Agents full trailer.

The full trailer for Double Agents has been released! It’s 90 seconds of fun and action. After the teasers, this is our first intro to the show.

I already did a break down of the shorter, thirty second trailer and the network commercial. There’s a lot of overlap, but some unique content there.

Keep in mind, heavy spoiler implications apply here. Proceed with caution.

Drone shots of Iceland
A car with a skull on it
Now you can see people swimming. Looks cold.
Cast walking. Aneesa and Fessy front and center.
Challenge airlines
Someone running
The Challenge airplane
We’ve got a jumper
Swimming challenge
Ropes over water
In a world of secrets
Lolo Nam & Kam
Wes in a wire puzzle challenge
And Spies
Entering a code
Access Granted
Another drone shot
Challenge logo
Cast in front of logo
TJ welcoming the cast
Trust your allies
Trust your LIES
Cory in chains, TJ, Gabby
Swimming challenge
TJ and a button. Trivia?
Wes, Joseph, Nam
Wednesday Dec 9
Another drone shot
Cory and Ashley carrying a log
Log carry drone shot
Hog Tied in the elimination arena
Someone falling from the Hog Tied elimination
Nicole Zanatta
Kam and Josh giggling
Elimination arena
TJ riding in his helicopter
The helicopter/ ball net challenge
Double the action
Surprise! Josh is screaming.
Double the twists
Nany kicking Aneesa. Kam and Big T watch.
Aneesa fell
Double the betrayal
CT throwing a shoe
Wes gets hit in the face
Ball challenge. I see Amber M.
The cast in front of the logo
Another drone shot
Amber M. being held over an edge
Nany is scared to fall
All the competitors in the cliffhanger challenge
Jay and Theresa
CT in a challenge
No trust
Kyle taking a nap or something
Cory Lio Tori
Hog tied. Do they only have on elimination this season?
Jay Fessy Kam
Leroy Jay Cory
Someone’s mad
The Challenge truck of danger
Wrestling on top of the truck. I see Fessy, Aneesa, and Big T
Truck challenge
Natalie and Nany wrestling
Double Agents premier info


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