Challenge: Vendettas

Vendettas Will Air on MTV2 Wednesday Dec. 9th

MTV reruns the season prior to the Double Agent premier.

Recently, MTV ran a poll on Twitter asking which season they should air leading up to the Double Agents premier. The winner: Vendettas.

So, MTV2 will be airing the season starting at 5AM on Wednesday. The rerun will end at 7PM and lead directly to the Double Agents: Declassified episode. Then, at 8PM Double Agents will premier on regular MTV.

Instead of airing Vendettas, MTV has a day packed with Ridiculousness. MTV2 does not spend all day airing Ridiculousness. When they’re not airing The Challenge, their days are filled with Tosh.0 reruns.

This week will be filled with The Challenge, even if you need to go to different channels to get the full episodes. Tonight (Dec 7. @8PM) MTV will air the Declassified episode for Double Agents.

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