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Georgia Harrison Threatens to Have Bear Sent to Jail

Georgia addresses Bear sharing intimate videos of her.

This morning, Georgia Harrison took to Instagram to seek advice because someone has been sharing an intimate video featuring her without her consent. That person was Stephen Bear, her ex who appeared alongside her on War of the Worlds and War of the Worlds 2.

Georgia began her series of stories asking for hypothetical advice, questioning if it’s OK to share such a video and stating this incident is worse because the video was filmed without her consent.

Georgia then claims Bear has CCTV in his house, allegedly for security. One night, he got Georgia in a position where she’d be on the camera and the two had a sexual encounter. The incident was recorded, and Bear claimed he forgot there were camera. The incident happened a while ago, but Georgia has hoped Bear would “do the right thing” and wanted the incident to go away. She also states she did nothing wrong and shouldn’t be made to feel ashamed. After all she was dating Bear and trusted him at the time.

After these stories were shared, fans messaged Georgia stating that Bear were offering to share the video on his only fans. Georgia also posted that revenge porn can get up to 3 years in jail.

After the written images, Georgia went on her story and said that Bear is going to go to jail. Upset that he’d share such private videos, she wants him to face the consequences. She claims she has been so nice to Bear and hoped to have it taken down.

Georgia claims she has screenshots of Bear sharing the video. If this is true, and he did offer it on OnlyFans, it’s pretty damming evidence. She claims this is the last time he will be able to violate a woman in such a way.

She also share a video of herself crying, as this has taken an emotional toll on her. However, she thanked viewers for their support and for giving advice.

As this unfolds, this story may be updated.


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