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Cory Wharton & Taylor Selfridge NOT Pregnant With Baby #2

Is Taylor Selfridge pregnant with baby number two? No, but Ryder's still getting another sibling.

Recently Cory took to social media to share a picture of a sonogram:

The image leads you to a link, and of course, the link hosts a slide show.

Let me save you some time. NOT PREGNANT. Or, just go through all nine slides yourself. You’ll get to the same place.

However, Cory did share a nice photo of his family celebrating the holidays recently.

Cory Wharton Cheyenne Mila some girl

At least they look cute, that’s for sure. The social media antics, not so much.

Cheyenne Floyd has the real story. She is pregnant again, making Ryder a big sister to TWO.

Cheyenne pregnant

Very happy for Cheyenne, and it’s nice to see Cory and Taylor doing well. But let’s not entertain silly rumors. I don’t know how much money Cory was paid to post that link, but there’s no substance to be found. I don’t know what’s wrong with these Teen Mom stars, but they love to post clickbait and spread rumors about themselves.


  1. Absolutely. It has become an incredibly lame tactic and it’s sickening the lengths some go to without contributing actual effort in the world.

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