Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 3

What happened on Episode 3 of Double Agents?

We now have three new teams. Will this change the game?

  1. Secrets Revealed
Fessy vote

After coming home from elimination, Kyle is ready to party. But there is a lingering confusion surrounding Fessy & Aneesa’s vote. Eventually, Fessy tells Kyle that he and Aneesa can see the secret votes and he knew Kyle lied to his face. Kyle is unapologetic about this, saying he couldn’t vote in Joseph and tell Fessy the truth. Fessy is frustrated because Kyle is playing both sides, but Kyle makes it clear he’s picking Wes’s side if he needs to pick one. Not only is Kyle mad, Cory is too. He and Nelson were loyal to Fessy, voting in Wes, and Fessy revealed this secret vote to Wes making Cory higher on his hit list.

2. Rulers of the Road

Road Kill challenge

This week’s challenge is called Road Kill, and it’s the challenge on top of a moving truck. The teams have to wrestle each other on a platform and push their opponent off. The agent who lasts the longest wins. Match ups are selected randomly and we start with Devin & Nicole against Kyle & Kam. Neither competitor gets their opponent off, but Kam does manage to dislocate Nicole’s shoulder. We see other competitors wrestle, but very few people stay on the wrestling platform without their opponent dragging them off. This makes the competitions dependent upon whose foot last touched the platform. The team who gets both of their opponents off the platform the fastest is Leroy & Kaycee who knock off Nelson & Amber M.

3. Pizza Party Foul

Emotional Josh

The cast is in the kitchen and Kaycee gets in CT’s way because she is cooking a microwave pizza on the stovetop. CT expresses frustration with Kaycee, asking her to move in a passive aggressive manner. Then, he leaves, but Josh addresses CT because claiming Kaycee was “crying” in the kitchen. CT makes sure Kaycee is OK, but stops any arguments with Josh and turns it into a joke. In this process, Devin says “Big Brother sucks” and this pisses off Josh. Now, Josh is screaming at Devin saying that anyone would “body” him in elimination. Devin turns this into a joke, until the whole house is laughing at Josh. Kaycee and Jay try to calm Josh because he’s the only one that’s mad.

4. An Uncertain Game

Devin Josh

The cast doesn’t seem to know what’s going to happen at elimination. After her arm injury, Nicole Z. has left the game and Liv’s fate is still up in the air. Will it be a girl’s elimination? A guy’s elimination? Will there even be an elimination? The cast proceeds like regular, and Devin has concocted a plan to get Cory & Tori thrown in. Wes in on board because Cory tried to vote him in last week, and Nam and Mechie seem to be on board as well. Some people are also pointing the finger at Devin, who is a rogue agent at this point. Josh encourages rookies to think for themselves and not to listen to a scared player like Devin. Ultimately, Devin’s plan fails and he’s sent into the elimination.

5. Masters Without Minds

Devin elimination

At elimination, Devin is sent to elimination and he has to compete. Now, Leroy & Kaycee need to give him an opponent. They vote Wes into elimination, and now Devin and Wes need to face off. The game is called Snapping Point and the game requires competitors to race through poles and press a button to detonate a bomb while attached to their opponent by a rope. Essentially, it’s Looper from Free Agents. The two guys hear the horn and run through the poles essentially stopping at the same point. Now, it a battle for inches. Devin seems to be pulling hard but Wes is digging a hole. It’s also clear Wes is not motivated and is frustrated he needs to compete against a friend. Eventually, Devin crawls forward and gets his gold skull. Wes is out of the game leaving Natalie alone. Devin doesn’t pick Natalie, instead he states his foe Tori. Cory now has Natalie as a partner.

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