Are You The One?

Are You the One? 5: Gianna Hammer Exposes Production for Covering Sexual Assault

Gianna Hammer opens up about sexual assault during the filming of Are You the One? 5

2017’s Are You the One? 5 (filmed in 2016) might not have the best reputation. By this point in time, it’s most remembered as Kam’s debut season or as the season where the cast lost. This season also gave us Challenge competitors such as Alicia, Eddie, and Derrick H. The season has its shares of controversial people, but the most problematic might have been hiding behind the scenes.

Recently, Gianna Hammer went on TikTok to reveal her story while filming the show. One night, she found herself blacked out and in a position where she believes she was sexually assaulted. As a result, Are You the One is no longer avail to stream on services like Paramount+.

To briefly summarize, Gianna got into an argument during a theme party. Production took her to the confessional to give her “medication.” According to Gianna, this was uncommon because her medication was taken once daily and she had already taken it. But, she took the pill. Then, she woke up the next morning with no recollection but not feeling too terrible. Later, her cast members would tell her a male went to bed with her and Gianna said “no.” The cast then removed the male from her bed before anything happened.

The next morning, production talked to Gianna. Allegedly she started having some flashbacks, but still didn’t know what happened. Production asked if she’d like the male removed, but also seemed to pressure her to allow him to stay because they put a lot of effort into casting him. So she did, and signed a non-disclosure agreement. As a result, Gianna and the male were cut off from alcohol and the male had to sleep in a separate room.

After filming, Gianna had to relive the experience while the show aired. Her decision to sweep the incident under the rug was made in the moments when she was learning what had happened. Still, she stayed silent for a long time out of fear.

The male is alleged to be Tyler O’Brien, who has even referenced the rumors in the past. Gianna is reluctant to name him, especially because she knows production’s role in this incident. She doesn’t know if they had any influence on his actions.

Shortly after filming, Gianna’s then-boyfriend Hayden Weaver e-mailed MTV Head of Talent Lauren Zins. He stated he was upset over the treatment of the incident and that he and Gianna were considering not attending the reunion. He received a “nasty” e-mail in response, where Zins said she couldn’t turn back time, accused Gianna of having a change of heart, and advised them to attend. Other cast members have publicly disapproved of Lauren Zins, such as Shane Landrum who implied she tried to cover up an incident where a cast member was wrapped in tape on War of the Worlds.

For now, these are all allegations. MTV has halted production of a future Are You the One? season in addition to the removal of season 5.


  1. The taping incident you reference on War of the World in your post was discussed in detail by Amanda, Johnny and the guys who were involved. To imply this was more than it was is irresponsible. She got tape in her hair and it was nothing close to Gianna’s situation.

    1. I am NOT implying any type of sexual assault with that incident. I apologize if that is not clear. My implication is that Zins encouraged cast members to remain silence on a controversial issue. It was discussed on the reunion because Da’Vonne was talking about it on her YouTube channel.

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