Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 15

The most important moments on Episode 15 of Double Agents

CT and Big T. Together again.

  1. Off With Her Skull

The episode opens to a house full of skull holders… and Big T. Everyone in the game has their skull, and CT is trying to help Big T prepare for elimination. Meanwhile, Aneesa is worried she will get sent back into elimination. She has a history of getting close to the final and losing in the last elimination. After last week, she knows Cory has her back, but the other girls view her as an easy target. As Aneesa tries to avoid elimination, CT is giving Big T some training in case she sees a Hall Brawl.

2. Spy Down

This week’s Challenge is called Mission Spy Dive called and this time we’re getting high. The cast needs to memorize a keys to a puzzle, but it’s only visible from 15,000 ft. So, they jump out of a plane, memorize the key, run to a puzzle, and recreate it. Immediately, some cast members like Big T and Leroy are stricken with fear. In the first heat, Kaycee & Leroy solve the puzzle before Aneesa & Kyle. This is mostly because Aneesa walks on the half mile run. In the second heat the remaining three pairs jump. Big T overcomes her fears and jumps, but the run ends up being the hardest part. Cory & Kam finish their puzzle before the other two teams. In the end, one half of Kamroy will win. This week, Leroy & Kaycee win again.

3. Doing a Complete 80

The cast has an 80’s party, and everyone is have a fun time. Fessy eventually starts talking to CT and says the game is “any man’s game.” Fessy is implying CT is out of shape and the new wave of competitors are ready to take out the old schoolers. CT says he won two seasons fairly recently, and he can still handle the final. Then Fessy brings up their match on the Road Kill challenge, and CT isn’t hearing it. The two start to yell, and CT pulls off his 80’s wig. Everyone says this is the old CT, but nothing else happens. CT just yells and both of the guys go home and go to bed.

4. Fate Before the Finals

At deliberation, Big T asks to be the house vote. Aneesa claim this would guarantee her spot in elimination because Leroy won’t send in Kam or Nany. While Nany acknowledges this, she says they’ve reached a point where she needs to look out for herself. Aneesa agrees, but she feels like she’s falling victim to the same fate she’s experienced in the past. Unsurprisingly, CT & Big T get voted into elimination. Leroy discusses sending in Aneesa just like everyone predicted.

5. Hog Tired

Just like everyone predicted, the elimination is Big T vs. Aneesa. The elimination is Fire Escape, but the beam is longer than ever and has more humps. Aneesa states this is the one elimination she didn’t want to see, but it doesn’t seem to cater to Big T either. However, Big T starts to get the rhythm fairly quickly. She’s not moving fast, but she is moving. Meanwhile, Aneesa is stalled right at the starting point. Big T makes it to the end and wins, while Aneesa loses inches away from the starting point.

Now, Big T comes back to CT. Amber B. is with Kyle.

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