Real World Homecoming

MTV Reuniting Real World Seasons, Filming New Reunion Episodes

New Real World reunions are in the works!

MTV has a few surprises for old school fans in the works, and it’s not just the OG Challenge coming to Paramount+.

According to Vevmo, MTV is reuniting Real World seasons to give fans an update on their favorite roommates. Their first

Real World NY Season 1

It seems like the entire cast of season 1 is on board and will be giving us updates on their lives. It’s unclear whether this is going to have people move in together again, but it seems doubtful. More likely, this is just going to be a reunion similar to the one we see after a Challenge is completed.

Still, it’s fun to see more content in the work. Perhaps The Real World is the show that will never die.

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  1. I’m so excited for this idea. There are so many fan favorite Real Worlders and so many iconic moments from the long running docuseries. Bring it on!

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