Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Challenge 37: Cast Speculation and Rumors

Who's been contacted for Season 37 of The Challenge?

Like I have done for prior seasons, it’s time to talk about casting rumors for the upcoming season of The Challenge. It is just gossip and rumors, but there’s usually some truth to them.

Keep in mind, things change. Formats can change. People change their minds. Just because someone is a “yes” right now doesn’t mean they won’t become a “no” next week. Similarly, a “no” could change her mind and become a “yes” on departure date.

Take everything with a grain of salt. Credit goes to Vevmo and Gamer.

Likely to Appear

Amanda Garcia (Are You the One? 3)

Aneesa Ferreira (The Real World: Chicago)

Ashley Mitchell (Real World: Explosion)

Darrell Taylor (Road Rules Campus Crawl)

Devin Walker-Molaghan (Are You the one? 3)

Fessy Shafaat (Big Brother 20)

Jay Starret (Survivor & Ex on the Beach)

Josh Martinez (Big Brother 19)

Kaycee Clark (Big Brother 20)

Natalie Anderson (The Amazing Race & Survivor)

Nelson Thomas (Are You the One? 3)

Tori Deal (Are you The One? 4)

Tula “Big T” Fazakerley (Shipwrecked UK)


Amber Borzotra (Big Brother 16)

Anastasiya Yandaltsava (Poland Next Top Model & Warsaw Shore)

CJ Koegel (Real World: Cancun)

Gabby Allen (Love Island UK)

Jennifer West (Survival of the fittest UK)

Laurel Stucky (Fresh Meat 2) 

Marie Roda (The Real World: St. Thomas)

Michele Fitzgerald (Survivor)

Nany Gonzalez (Real World: Las Vegas 2011)

Nicole Zanatta (Real World: Skeletons)

Sofia Suescun (Winner of Survivor Spain & Big Brother Spain)

Asaf Goren (Are You The One? 4, Big Brother: Israel, tons of other shit)

Cory Wharton (Real World: Explosion & Teen Mom)

CT Tamburello (Real World: Paris)

David Alexander (Big Brother 21 & 22)

Derrick Kosinski (Road Rules: X-treme)

Derrick Henry (Are You the One? 5, Ex on the Beach)

Demetrius “Mechie” Harris (Ex on the Beach 3)

Hunter Barfield (Are you the one?3 )

Jordan Wiseley (Real World: Portland)

Joss Mooney (Ex on the Beach UK)

Jozea Flores (Big Brother 18, Champs vs. Stars 2, the alternate casting pool)

Kyle Christie (Geordie Shore)

Nam Vo (Ultimate Beastmaster)

Scott Herman (Real World: Brooklyn)

Sean Lineker (Shipwrecked UK)

Theo Campbell ( Love Island UK)

Wendell Holland (Survivor)

Wes Bergmann (The Real World: Austin)

Unlikely to Appear

Amber Martinez

Ashley Kelsey- Very pregnant

Bayleigh Dayton

Cara Maria Sorbello

Camila Nakagawa- BANNED

Da’Vonne Rogers

Dee Nguyen- BANNED

Georgia Harrison- Banned?

Heather Cooke

Jasmine Reynaud (Real World: Cancun)

Jenna Compono- pregnant

Jemmye Carroll (The Real World: New Orleans 2011)

Kailah Casillas (Real World: Go Big & Lindsay Lohan Beach Club)

Kam Williams (Are you the one? 5)

Kayleigh Morris (Ex on the Beach UK)

Kendal Sheppard

Lolo Jones- Olympics or whatever

Melissa Reeves (Ex on the beach UK)

Ruthie Alcaide (The Real World: Hawaii)

Theresa Jones- pregnant

Alton Williams

Casper Smart (The Challenge: Champs vs. Stars 2, J.Lo’s something)

Chase McNary

Chris “Swaggy C” Williams

Dunbar Merrill

Cody Califiore (Big Brother 16& 22)

Frank Sweeney (Real World: San Diego 2011)

Gus Smyrnios (Floribama Shore)

Jay Mitchell

Johnny Bananas

Louise Hazel

Leroy Garrett

Paulie Calafiore (Big Brother 18, Ex on the Beach)

Shane Landrum (Road Rules: Campus Crawl)- Banned?

Stephen Bear- Banned and on the run

Tony Raines

Turabi “Turbo” Camkiran

Victor Arroyo- bitter

Vince Gliatta

Zach Nichols- Baby on the way


  1. I am bored of seeing Aneesa and Nany. But Fessy needs to go ASAP. I don’t care much at all for Kaycee or Josh but I will take Josh over Kaycee ANY day. Glad she and Fessy lost.

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