Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 12

The most important moments on Episode 12 of Double Agents

The game resumes. The security- breached.

  1. Karma’s a Breach
Elimination ep 12

We return to The Crater where a security breach has been announced. It’s a double elimination! Josh & Nany are called down next to Devin & Gabby because they had the second most votes. Now, CT & Big T get to set the two matchups. CT lets Devin pick his opponent and he calls out Darrell. Then, CT gets his wish. He’s going to call out “the goof.” CT wants to face Josh & Nany. Then, TJ confirmed that it’s a double male elimination and the game is Dead Ringer. It’s the same one Kam and Ashley played but the poles are higher and farther away. They’re swinging like Peter Pan, knocking off pieces, and solving a puzzle to get a skull. Skulls will be stolen or secured.

2. Swingin’ Party

Darrell Elimination

The first heat is Devin vs. Darrell. While Devin is good with puzzles, Darrell knows he needs speeds to give himself more time with the puzzles. At first, it looks like the two guys are close. In fact, when Darrell has 5 pieces Devin has 5 pieces. Darrell collects all seven pieces first, but he only has a small lead over Devin. At the puzzle, never guy solves it quickly. Devin is choking in an area where he should excel. Devin get flustered and allows Darrell enough time to put the puzzle together, win, and steal his skull. Now, it’s time for CT to face Josh. CT is a few paces ahead of Josh, but Josh isn’t performing too poorly. CT collects all seven of his puzzles pieces but Josh has one left. But CT getting to the puzzle is a death sentence for Josh. He solves it in moments and CT gets his gold skull.

Now, Darrell returns to the game with skulls. CT gets the first pick, and he chooses Kam. CT goes wild but this goes back on what he told Big T, making her angry. Darrell goes back to Amber B. Kyle returns to Nany as his partner after having Kam stolen. Cory picks Gabby to work with him because she’s OK with puzzles. This leaves Big T with Nam.

3. Total Drama Iceland

CT eating cold cuts

We return from elimination and the house is in chaos. Nany is crying because Josh was a good partner who lifted her up. Kyle is angry that Kam was taken from him, even though Kyle himself betrayed Nany and took Kam as a partner. Meanwhile, Big T is visibly upset with CT leaving her. She feels this is a personal move, because CT went back on a promise.

4. Big Trayal

CT Big T

The cast goes to a hot spring, but Big T keeps her distance from CT. So, CT sets up a fire and invites CT outside to have a conversation. Big T is upset mostly because she felt humiliated when CT swapped her for Kam. It’s not that he doesn’t understand why he made the switch. It’s that he celebrated replacing her with Kam. CT agrees that he was wrong her, and apologizes for the reaction. Big T felt like she gave so much to their pairing and never quit, but she did it for CT. Now, her spirits are crushed. CT then tells Big T that she’s not ready for a final which is why he picked Kam. While this doesn’t immediately crush Big T, she realizes their relationship meant nothing. CT promised he wouldn’t get rid of her, but he did and now he’s a liar in her eyes.

5. Dark Times


In episode 10, Nam strained his back while digging for puzzle pieces. This injury is only got worse on episode 11, but he tried to grit his teeth and bare it. Now, he can no longer ignore it. When the cast returns from the hot spring he goes to the hospital. He received a big injection in his back, but when the “Challenge Actived” lights go off he’s still in the game. So the cast shows up in front of TJ late at night. TJ finally breaks the news that Nam is unfit to compete in this game and Big T is a rogue agent.

So we’re ending the episode with a cliffhanger. The Challenge is called Mission: Survive the Night. The teams are locked into cages together and need to endure a series of tasks. The first team to break free wins, becomes the Double Agents, and has the power to secure their skull or set up the elimination. Now the teams are in cages and their hands are chained together.

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