Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 1

A recap of The Challenge: Double Agents episode 1

We’re back. A new season, no Bananas, and no dad bod.

  1. Tales from the Decrypt

This week’s challenge is called Mission Decryption. There are two heats: one male and one female. The cast must race up a hill and retrieve a key, but there is only one key containing a series of colors. So, everyone is fighting to view it and memorize the pattern. The pattern must then be replicated on a board with a series of wires. When the girls go, Lolo runs up the hill fastest but Tori snatches the key from her. After multiple failed attempts, Aneesa eventually gets the sequence entered first. Then the guys go, and it’s a dog fight for access to the key. Cory is in the middle holding on for dear life. The guys are pulling any limb they can to get a glimpse at the key. This results in CT pulling off a shoe and flinging it into Wes’s face. Eventually, Devin tries to ring in first, but Fessy is the first guy with the correct answer. This makes Fessy and Aneesa winners, but Aneesa had the faster overall time.

2. Double Teamed

TJ announces Double Agents is a paired season. As the person with the fastest time, Aneesa gets to pick a partner first, and she selects Fessy. Then, TJ tells the cast to find partners and everyone scrambles. Cory snatches Tori, but CT wanted Tori. Now he needs to find someone else, and when Kam offers to work with him, he passes on her. This leaves Kam with Leroy, but she doesn’t want to be tied to her boyfriend. So, Big Brother allies Josh and Kaycee merge with the couple. In the end, the pairs are as follows:

  • Aneesa & Fessy
  • Nicole & Devin
  • Tori & Cory
  • Kaycee & Leroy
  • Kam & Josh
  • Amber B. & Darrell
  • Theresa & Jay
  • Nany & Kyle
  • Natalie & Wes
  • Ashley & CT
  • Amber M. & Nelson
  • Lolo & Nam
  • Mechie & Liv
  • Joseph & Big T
  • Gabby & Lio

3. Konniving Kam

The cast goes clubbing, because the house has a club built in (this was filmed during COVID!). Some people are mingling, but some people start talking game. Most specifically, Kam is trying to find out why CT wouldn’t pick her as a partner. The cast sees CT & Ashley as a pair to champions, and Kam works with her allies to place a target on their backs. The rookies like this, and it seems like the numbers are against CT & Ashley. The voting this season will be done in secret, no one wants to admit to voting in CT & Ashley, but it seems a lot of them throw a vote in his direction.

4. Big Moves Come in Twos

As they Double Agents, Fessy & Aneesa learn that CT & Ashley have been nominated into The Crater. They also see all of the people who voted for the pair of Champs. At elimination, TJ summons Ashley and CT. Then, they need to get opponents for the two. Aneesa announces she has been slept on, dismissed and betrayed on the game so she wants to make a big move. She sends in Wes & Natalie. Then, Fessy backs her up, making the elimination CT & Ashley vs. Wes & Natalie. But, TJ then announces that this is a woman’s elimination so Wes & CT are safe.

5. Lighting a Fire

The elimination is called Operation: Fire Escape. It’s basically Hog Tied from other seasons. There’s a beam and the competitors have their feet and wrists bound so they’re hanging from the beam. They need to shimmy across the beam, come all the way back, and ring a bell at the end. This time, the whole arena is surrounded by fire. At first, Natalie seems to be in the lead. However, there’s a hump midway through the beam and she struggles to get over it. Ashley gets her legs this hump first, but neither girl is moving particular fast. Natalie is able to get her legs and arms over before Ashley and starts to pick up speed. Ashley starts to fall behind, and Natalie takes the first win of the season. Now, Natalie has one of the ten gold skulls which qualifies her to run TJ’s final. Natalie also has the chance to switch her partner, taking anyone other than the Double Agent (Fessy).


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