Challenge: All Stars

The Challenge: All Stars. Screenshots from the Second Trailer

Clips from the second All Stars trailer.

We’ve got a second, shorter teaser for The Challenge: All Stars. While a lot of the clips are repeats, there are some new shots in there.

Sorry if the quality is a little grittier here. The first trailer was much higher quality.

UPDATE: A third trailer has been released.

The actual show will premier April 1 on Paramount+ .

The cast walking in! Aneesa, Nehemiah, Jisela

Mark, Alton, Darrell, Big Easy in back.

The cast lining up for a Challenge

The toast!

A fight between Nehemiah and Derrick with Mark in the middle. Apparently there were a lot of theme parties this season.

Katie and Trishelle fighting. “It’s been 15 years. LET IT GO.”


Nehemiah and Jemmye in bed

An argument between Ruthie and Nehemiah

TJ mad because someone might quit.

Jonna and Beth

Alton looks upset


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