Challenge: All Stars

The Challenge All Stars: Screenshots from the Third Trailer

A third teaser has been released. Screenshots of all the events.

The Challenge: All Stars keeps giving us more teasers. After the second trailer yesterday, a third one has been released today.

The first trailer and second trailer contain a lot of different images. However, there are still a considerable number of repeats in this trailer.

The actual show will premier April 1 on Paramount+ .

Two platforms for a mission.

The cast entering: Derrick, Mark, Kellyanne, Ace, Beth, Aneesa, Darrell, Kendal, Jonna






A mission one a suspended platform. It looks like the floor is falling beneath them.

Arissa yelling during a challenge. Notice Trishelle seems to be working on a puzzle in the background.


An elimination. It looks like walls are bring smashed.

Darrell swimming

Trishelle in a mission

Big Easy freaking out. Beth and Jisela celebrating in back.

The elimination arena. Could this be Knot So Fast?

Log carrying mission. Alton, Yes, Kendal, Beth, Jonna, and Syrus

Competitors pulling ropes. Could it be Knot So Fast?

Ruthie, Trishelle, Beth

Nehemiah getting a block


Nehemiah and Ruthie arguing


Katie looks like she’s arguing with Aneesa


A strength-based elimination. Looks like Ace is getting pulled around. The other competitor seems like he could have a build similar to Syrus or Laterrian.

The moving truck mission. Derrick jumping.


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