Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 16

The most important moments on Episode 16 of Double Agents

Everyone has a skull. Now, everyone has a problem.

  1. Training Dayrise

All ten players have their gold skulls, and while the Big Brother alliance is celebrating the fact that they’re still around, other players are prepping for the final. CT knows Big T has a lot of work to do before a final, but he also knows she has the right attitude. So, it’s training time. CT wakes up Big T at the crack of dawn and gives her a rigorous workout. It might be late in the game, but that means he might be stuck with her in the final.

2. Ball Blockers

This week’s Challenge is called Mission: Global Domination. The teams are in big metal balls, and the goal is to roll over as many targets as possible. There are two heats, and in each heat three teams play offense and two teams are defense. The defense will try to push players away from targets. Because they were the Double Agents last week, Kaycee & Leroy get to choos the order. They also get to play offense twice because there’s an odd number of teams. As an added bonus, the better of their two scores will count. In the first round, Amber B. & Kyle and Cory & Kam are defense. They’re trying to spread up the time defending teams, but Kam refuses to go against Leroy. When TJ blows the final horn, Fessy & Nany have the most targets collected. In the second round, CT & Big T and Fessy & Nany are defense. This time, CT & Big T are sitting on Kam & Cory, but this means Leroy & Kaycee have a clear path. For Kam, that’s a success. In the end Leroy & Kaycee get the win.

3. Big Brother Betrayal

The numbers are dwindling and teams are scrambling to stay safe. Kyle & Amber approach Big T & CT. They know Fessy & Nany will vote with Kam & Cory. Out of desperation, they want to force a tie to see what happens. Meanwhile, Amber talks to Kaycee. She helped Kaycee get her skull and doesn’t want her named called. Kaycee doesn’t feel like she owes Amber anything, and the Big Brother alliance is starting to feel she’s entitled. As a result, Amber feels more loyalty to Big T & CT.

4. Unsplit Vote

Before deliberation, Kyle is trying to force the tie. So, he stages an argument with CT. At deliberation, CT says he’s voting in Kyle out of sheer desperation for safety. In all actuality, this is exactly what CT is going to do. He votes in Kyle because he’d rather face Kyle in elimination if the Double Agents vote him in. He also rather give Big T a chance against Amber if she needs to go into elimination. Kaycee & Leroy aren’t surprised CT flipped, but Kyle is.

5. Hall And Out

The cast walks down to elimination, and they see a hall. This means HALL BRAWL. The Double Agents call down Big T & CT. It’s a female elimination, and CT has been training Big T. However, Amber B. has won this elimination before. Best out of two wins, and the first round goes to Amber but she had a hard time pushing past Big T. In the second heat, Big T puts up a bigger fight. Sadly, it’s not enough. Amber pulls out the win.

Now, Amber steals Fessy. Nany returns to Kyle. CT is rogue… but what could this mean. Is he in the final?

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