Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Is the Big Brother Alliance in Trouble?

Big Brother is already seeing cracks in their solid group.

Coming into Spies, Lies & Allies, there was an obvious alliance. The Big Brother Alliance from Double Agents is in the house with Josh, Fessy, and Kaycee at the center. Plus, Devin has befriended Josh and Nany is dating Kaycee. It also seems Amanda is cozying up to Fessy while she still has ties with her War of the Worlds partner Josh.

To make matters better for them, each player has a partner. Those people could be influenced, beefing up the numbers. But their worst nightmare happened on episode 2: Amber B. entered the house.

On Double Agents she was working with the Big Brother alliance, but at the very end she was stabbed in the back. Now, she comes into another season with a Championship title and a distrust for her alliance.

Amber is dangerous for two reasons. Firstly, she won with CT, so she has ties with veterans who aren’t directly working with Big Brother. She’s also still new to the game. She could easily start to work with the Survivor players or international players.

Right now, she’s tied to Josh. This will keep her close to the Big Brother alliance, but that could be a curse. Amber could figure out their plans and tell other people in the house. She probably doesn’t want to do this yet, but Fessy is a loose cannon. He’s already toying with the idea of sending Amber into the Lair.

We also saw Josh orchestrate a sneaky move to get Kelz into elimination. It worked, but there wasn’t a lot of merit to his claims. This is the type of thing Amber could tell the rookies. It would paint a target on Josh’s back, and start to dwindle numbers in a big group.

Amber is going to be a wildcard, but Fessy is asking for trouble. Episode 2 is likely foreshadowing future issues. Amber will never be fully trusted by the Big Brother group. If she ever gets separated from Josh, her game is going to look very different. She’ll need to fend for herself while trying to keep a target off her back. Coming into this game late is going to make Amber’s journey to the end a tough one, but it could prove why she’s worthy of the Championship title.

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