Challenge: All Stars

The Challenge All Stars: Episode 2 Old School Overview

My old school take on the All Stars season: episode 2.

The second episode of The Challenge: All Stars. Here are all the old school moments New School fans would need to know. If you want to know what happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.

  1. Katie & Trishelle’s History

The episode begins with Katie & Trishelle talking, and while this is reiterated throughout the show, the two have a long history together. They only did two seasons together: The Gauntlet and The Inferno. However, this was also the period of time when they were living together. If you watch either of these seasons, Katie will brag about how she’s so much closer with team Real World than Road Rules. This is why. Her relationship with Trishelle immersed her deeply into the RW/RR culture of the early 00’s. They likely did appearances and had a lot of overlap in terms of friendships.

2. Trishelle’s Apology

On Rivals 2, Trishelle got into an argument with Aneesa where she told Aneesa that her identity is all over the place. It was kind of deja vu to the fight Aneesa had with Robin on The Duel. The truth is, Trishelle was in a bad place on Rivals 2. She had split her toe open on a piece of glass on the ground by the pool and couldn’t get real treatment in Thailand. She was looking for a way out of the game, and it might have been through Aneesa. We all know what happened in the end, but it’s refreshing to hear Trishelle apologize and see Aneesa’s forgiveness. If you’ve followed Trishelle over the years, you’d know she’s fairly outspoken when it comes to racial equality and social justice. This formal apology was long overdue, but I am glad Trishelle is self-aware enough to know her comments were wrong.

3. Trivia Time

This was a fun trivia challenge, but I can’t get into every single question we saw. In fact, some of them would have stumped me. I forgot the Inferno 2 final mission was called “Montezuma’s Revenge,” and I certainly wouldn’t have remembered 20 feet over the water. However, trivia has been a staple in the game recently. The trivia over water type of competition has been a staple since Mental Connection on Battle of the Exes. TJ’s first trivia challenge was Captain’s Chair on The Inferno 3. However, there have been more trivia challenges over the years such as Battle of the Opposite Sexes and Pop Culture Bike Ramp on Battle of the Sexes 1 and 2 respectively.

4. Katie’s Black Eye

Poor Katie. Her face is always getting hit. On Cutthroat she had two black eyes from the Swat elimination and falling during the Surf’s Up challenge.

5. The Fear of Heights

A lot of girls were afraid to fall, especially after Katie hit her face. Beth has always had a fear of heights, which can be seen on her first Challenge season when she refused to bungee jump. Later, she was stricken with fear on the Balancing Act mission on The Gauntlet 2. In The Duel and The Gauntlet 3, Beth certainly improved upon her fear.

6. Not Saying Kendal

There’s a piece of the narrative missing from Trishelle’s story, and it is alluded to prior to deliberation. Kellyanne suggests Kendal go into elimination, but Trishelle won’t say her name. Perhaps this is because Trishelle and Katie also roomed with Kendal in the past. While the episode completely ignores this relationship, it is mentioned on The Inferno, particularly when The Miz starts dating Kendal.

7. Let It Go

I can’t speak too much about Trishelle and Katie’s fight, as I don’t know anything relevant about their history that was shown on prior seasons. It’s sad to see them have an argument, as this relationship is two decades old. It’s also weird that the previews show Katie saying “FIFTEEN YEARS AGO… LET IT GO.” In the episode, we don’t even hear what happened fifteen years ago.

We do know this was a mild argument for Katie. Just watch The Gauntlet, The Inferno, The Gauntlet 3, or Cutthroat if you want more. The Gauntlet 3 reunion is a particularly good gem for Katie (and Coral) moments.

8. Knot So Fast

Knot So Fast is certainly a classic elimination game, and it has been played on many seasons. It’s funny to see Trishelle receive advice from Alton and Jemmye who watched the game being played on Battle of the Seasons. Meanwhile, Kendal gets help from Darrell who played it on Invasion. Jonna has participated in the game on Battle of the Seasons, and Aneesa played a variation on Total Madness.

9. So Long & Trishelle

Trishelle leaves first for the women. Just like The Inferno. Meanwhile, Kendal is 2-0 in eliminations, having won an Inferno against Leah and an Arena against Trishelle.


  1. I really like Ace as a person so I was bummed that he was eliminated first (again). Aneesa & Ruthie were amazing in the trivia contest! It’s great to see Ruthie back it. She was always one of my favorites. And I’m glad that she has Teck on this season as a friend from her original show.

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