Challenge: All Stars

The Challenge All Stars: Episode 6 Old School Overview

My old school take on the All Stars season: episode 6.

As we get deeper into the season, the old drama becomes less important and we’re focusing on the new. Here are all the old school moments New School fans would need to know. If you want to know everything that happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.

  1. Aneesa and Laterian

It looks like Aneesa and Laterrian are getting quite close. Prior to this season, they didn’t seem to have a super long history. They did Battle of the Sexes together in 2002, but Laterrian was only there for a couple of episodes. As we would later learn, Aneesa was more interested in Rachel that season.

2. Katie’s Gameplay

Katie and Jonna talk about their strategies in the game, and Katie seems very self-aware that she’s not the strongest girl. Now that we have partnered eliminations, they guys probably aren’t going to want Katie on their side. Essentially, she has played the lay-up card before the term was ever coined. As we would see later in the episode, she’s not too good at floating under the radar.

3. Face Your Fear

Escape the Room is a fairly unique challenge, but a fun one to watch. Once again, we see Katie shaking in fear due to the fall into water. She doesn’t want to hit her face like she did on Cutthroat or episode 2.

4. Alton and Jisela

We later see Katie talking about the girls she’d want to face in elimination. She’s narrowed it down to Kendal or Jisela. She said she’d feel bad calling out Kendal because they’re friends. The girls used to be roommates, with Trishelle being their third.

5. The Lay Up Speaks Up

Katie volunteers to go into elimination, a move she’s pulled before. She did it on episode 4 and she did it on Cutthroat after Shauvon backed out of their elimination. On The Gauntlet 3 she basically sacrificed herself into elimination when she didn’t complete the Over the Edge mission.

6. Road Rules Throwdown

Katie picks Laterrian to be her partner in elimination. The two were teammates on The Gauntlet, but she likely picked him because he’s a strong guy who can hold his own against Mark in a tug-of-war. This matchup guarantees we’ll lose a Road Ruler for the first time this season.

7. Pulling Through

The Pull Me Over elimination is most similar to the End of the Rope elimination from War of the Worlds 2. While we have seen a lot of tug-of-war variations in eliminations (perhaps the most recognizable is Reverse Tug-of-War from The Gauntlet 2), this is an individual/ team hybrid. Kendal and Mark pull out the win.

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