Challenge: All Stars

The Challenge All Stars: Episode 3 Old School Overview

My old school take on the All Stars season: episode 3.

The third episode of The Challenge: All Stars. Here are all the old school moments New School fans would need to know. If you want to know what happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.

  1. Nickname Time

The episode opens with Beth & Syrus assigning nicknames to their castmates. Any Challenge fan knows that nicknames are part of the fun. People have called Mark “The Godfather,” Derrick “The Pitbull,” or Nehemiah “Tenderoni.”

2. Naked In Water

Teck gets naked and jumps in the water. Just like he did with Ruthie on Real World: Hawaii.

3. Ice Ice Baby

This week’s Challenge is called Melt Away, which is very reminiscent of Melt With You from Battle of the Sexes 2. This time, there are 5 teams rather than 2 and the teams are obtaining plaques rather than a cell phone.

4. Hammer Time

Eventually, TJ grants the teams one hammer. This is most reminiscent of Ice Breakers from The Duel, though there isn’t a great match from prior seasons.

5. Seasons of Love

The final task is to place ten seasons in sequential order. This is similar to Ups And Downs from Dirty Thirty or Code Breaker from Dirty Thirty. Eventually, Darrell, Kendal, Kellyanne, and Alton win because Beth & Mark’s team acquired 10 minutes in penalties due to broken plaques.

6. Life Saver Chatter

Ruthie and Kendal discuss the potential of using the Life Saver. Kendal talks about how she used herself as a replacement, as a replacement was required on The Inferno. Meanwhile, Ruthie talks about her experience with Life Savers and says she didn’t have to name a replacement. This is from Battle of the Sexes, and it’s only kind of true. The Life Saver holder didn’t name a replacement, but the Inner Circle did need to send someone else home.

7. Winning Isn’t Easy

A recurring theme on The Challenge: fear of getting a bad partner. Jemmye mentions her fear of being stuck with Big Easy. Maybe Aneesa can discuss her prior experiences with this mentality.

8. Ruthie vs. Aneesa

In this episode, Aneesa is talking about Ruthie playing a paranoid game. This has been discussed on prior seasons, such as Battle of the Sexes 2. We also see Ruthie’s trust issues on The Duel 2, which is referenced in the episode. Then, Ruthie confronted Aneesa. Clearly, this fight was heavily edited to the point it made no sense. In the trailer, we see Aneesa telling Ruthie she won’t “remember this tomorrow.”

9. Battle Burns

TJ opens the elimination by forcing the competitors to eat two super hot peppers. This is a random way to begin, especially because it was not part of the race. It kinds of seemed like something we might see on the Chili Counter from The Inferno.

10. Punch Out

Going Out of Tile is a cool elimination. It kind of fuses Knot So Fast and Wrecking Wall. Teck put up a great fight, and it came down to split seconds in the end. Nehemiah won the second male elimination, just like he did on The Duel.

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  1. Thank you for covering the show. Just wanted to say on the Aneesa thing/Duel2 it’s not “paranoia” it’s called facts 😉

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