Challenge: Double Agents

Are Fessy & Kaycee Out of the Final After Kaycee’s Injury?

Kaycee is injured. Is she out of the game? And is she taking Fessy with her?

Kaycee played a strong game this season. She won more than any other female, kept a strong alliance, and gained Fessy as a partner right before the final. That last move might have led to her downfall, because she ended episode 18 hobbling to the end.

While running to the second “mission” in the final, Kaycee took the wrong step and felt a pop in her knee. Medics came, made sure she wasn’t dying, and then she hopped to the second mission. It seems like she isn’t outright disqualified from the game, but is also seems like her future is bleak.

The funny thing about this scenario is the fact that Fessy is refusing to eat during the second mission. Kaycee remains persistent because you never know what could happen. The second day in the final might allow her to continue. A hurricane is coming, so it might not be centered around running. It’s a long shot, but it might be Kaycee’s only hope.

We also need to remember, she might just be dealing with the shock of an injury. Jordan fell out of the sky in the Dirty Thirty final but he adrenaline allowed him to keep running. He won the final, even though his leg was injured. Kaycee also played football, so she might know how to push through the injury.

Despite all of this, she’s likely doomed. It wouldn’t be surprised to see her removed after the eating portion of the final. Not just because she could hurt herself further, but the crew will need to keep moving and she’s going to be lagging behind everyone else.

On the other hand, Fessy is being dumb. He’s not eating because he thinks he’s out of the game. While Kaycee seems doomed, he just watched Amber win a mission and have the opportunity to swap partners. He could have the chance to get rid of Kaycee and get someone like Kam, Amber, or Nany. If he doesn’t eat, he’s stuck in the mud and destined to go home.

If I had to guess, Kaycee is out of the game. I would also guess Fessy’s game isn’t entirely doomed, but it doesn’t seem like he’s putting himself in a winning position. Any opportunity for him to survive is going to disappear if he gives up. This does suck for Kaycee, but Fessy won’t get much sympathy if he doesn’t even try.


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    1. Thank you! Great ideas. I will certainly keep them in mind. These are the types of things that would be perfect for the off season once Double Agents wraps.

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