Challenge: Double Agents

Is Kaycee Secretly a Political Mastermind?

Kaycee's doing so well in the game that she has too many allies. Is she playing a perfect game?

On episode 16 of Double Agents, Amber B. started to question her position in the Big Brother alliance. Kaycee felt she could no longer support Amber because the numbers were dwindling.

It sucks when you need to betray a friend, but Kaycee only did this because there were so few options. Fessy is her ally, Kam is Leroy’s ally and girlfriend, and Nany is Leroy’s long time friend. These relationships extended a lot further back than Kaycee’s relationship with Amber.

The oddest thing about Kaycee and her allies is their transparency. The whole house knew she was working with Josh, Fessy, Amber, and fellow CBS alum Jay. Devin openly insulted the Big Brother players, which only offended Josh and Fessy.

The alliance might have been a little bigger than we realized. When Lolo left she revealed she was working with the Big Brother players too. Aside from her, it seems everyone just knows about the alliance and respects it. If it wasn’t for these numbers, there’s no way Josh would have avoided as many eliminations as he did.

Fans generally don’t like this alliance, but they are pretty solid. Josh had a couple of explosions, but Kaycee is the glue holding everyone together. She also controls her allies when they start to explode. This makes for very boring gameplay, but it’s clearly smart gameplay that will advance in the game.

This alliance can be best compared to the “Cara Cult” on War of the Worlds 2. They were a dominant and transparent alliance. They had numbers, and they kind of ran the game. People didn’t like all the personalities in the group, but they did perform well. While the polarizing nature of this alliance may draw some comparison, there’s another commonality: Leroy and Kam.

Kaycee’s biggest stroke of luck was seen on episode 1. Leroy and Kam split up and took Kaycee and Josh as partners. This merged two alliances, which is reminiscent of when Kam picked Paulie and Ashley for the second Tribunal on War of the Worlds 2 to build trust. It worked. Kam might be a cutthroat player, but she’s a great asset to have on your side.

It’s a stretch to called Kaycee a political mastermind, but she’s very loyal. It would be easy to infiltrate her alliance because they’re entirely visible. However, they have strong numbers that will stick together. Breaking the alliance will give you a few enemies and people would rather avoid those problems.


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