Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Top Moments from Episode 19

The most important moments on Episode 19 of Double Agents

Time to throw grenades and wrap up the season.

  1. Eat It or Beat It

CT and Amber give their grenade to Kam & Cory, so they now have more blood and guts to eat. Then, the team advances to the kayaking stage. Leroy & Nany advance in second while Kam & Cory fall to third due to the extra food. Meanwhile, Kaycee is eating her food while Fessy is staring into the sky. His heart has left the game. TJ wants to know if he intends on continuing, and he claims he still wants to. However, he just sips his blood and nibbles his food. Eventually, TJ says they took too long and could not possibly catch up. So, they’re out of the final.

2. One Missing Piece

The teams kayak to retrieve puzzle pieces, then they need to solve a totem pole-style puzzle. CT & Amber get to the beach first, and Nany & Leroy are the second team on the sand. The teams complete the puzzles in the same order they arrived, with Kam & Cory come staying in third. CT is shocked and impressed by Amber who has completed all three checkpoints first as a rookie, but the final is far from over. However, the fourth checkpoint is her Achille’s heel: math. The teams need to add up their specific numbers and double it while inside an ice cave.

3. Fessy Knows All

CT solves the math equation first, so he gets a choice: he can pick any girl to be his partner for the rest of the competition. He sticks with Amber, then it becomes sleep time. CT & Amber get a waterproof, thermal sleeping bag. Leroy & Nany get a waterproof duvet, and Kam & Cory get a wool blanket. For the entire night, one competitor gets to sleep while the other needs to hold a heavy capsule. Every time they rotate, the sleeper needs to dunk their face in a bucket of ice water. During this time, the cast reminisces on Fessy’s poor choices and notes how he must regret leaving Amber. Leroy also reveals this will be his final season, which is his motivator to win. Soon, daylight comes and the teams embark on the final leg. They’re in their final teams and CT & Amber get a five minute head start. Leroy & Nany get a two minute head start, and Kam & Cory leave last.

4. Codes and Decryptions

In the final leg, teams are racing up a glacier The need to get an ice pick, chip through a block of ice, and get their capsule. Again, the teams arrive at the ice and depart from the checkpoints in the same order they began day 2. They then run to another checkpoint and need to use the capsule to decode a puzzle. Of course, the capsule is left away from the puzzle, so they’re a bit of memorization. The code word is “infiltrate,” and CT & Amber solve it quickly. Now, there’s a battle for second place. Leroy & Nany are ahead, but Kam & Cory are moment behind. Leaving this checkpoint, there’s more running before they see a tangram puzzle. Of course, CT blasts through this, but the race for second is getting tighter.

5. Mission: Possible

Kam solves the tangram puzzle quickly and steals second place. Meanwhile, first place has a solid lead ahead of second and third. CT and Amber feel they’re going the wrong way because the path is so rocky and unstable. But, they’re mistaken. They cross the finish line and win! They receive $900,000 to split, but the race for second is getting closer and closer. Leroy touches TJ, then Cory. The girls are in a $100,000 foot race and Kam gets there before Nany. So Cory & Kam split $100,000 and Leroy & Kam get nothing.

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