Challenge: All Stars

The Challenge All Stars: Episode 4 Old School Overview

My old school take on the All Stars season: episode 4.

The fourth episode of The Challenge: All Stars. Here are all the old school moments New School fans would need to know. If you want to know what happened, just stream the show on Paramount+.

  1. Shielded

We star with the shields from last week. Who calls season 20 “THE Cutthroat?!”

2. Ropes Over Water

TJ says he loves ropes over water missions. Then we see a montage of challenges from prior seasons. We see: Sa-Wing from Battle of the Sexes 2, Balancing Act from The Gauntlet 2, and All Shook Up from The Duel 2. Truthfully, this challenge is nothing like the ones in the clip show.

3. Barbie Over Water

Jemmye calls Kendal the original Barbie Beast. Of course, this is a reference to Jenna from later seasons. Jemmye and Jenna were paired on Final Reckoning.

4. Ruthless

We see Ruthie excel in this mission. That shouldn’t be too shocking. Despite her small stature, she won All Shook Up on The Duel 2.

5. Elimination Consideration

Katie volunteers to go into The Arena because she didn’t participate in the On the Ropes challenge. This earns her some respect, but she claims she’s less nervous about eliminations than she is about some missions. Perhaps this is a throwback to Over the Edge on The Gauntlet 3. Katie didn’t participate, accepting her fate in The Gauntlet.

6. Godfather Talk

Mark considers using the Livesaver, and Jemmye calls him The Godfather. It seems Mark has always had this nickname, but it really rose to prominence on The Gauntlet 2. On that season, there were some people much younger than him, even on the Veterans team. Of course the name will be used on this show. He planned the thing!

7. Keeping Arissa

Mark talks to Arissa, telling her she’ll be safe if he uses the Lifesaver. He claims to like Arissa, but this might just be an attempt to win favor with her. Remember, Mark sacrificed his game on Battle of the Sexes 2 so Arissa would be stuck on the final girl’s team. On that season, Arissa was perceived to be weak.

8. Replacement Drama

Mark saves Katie with the Lifeshield, but TJ surprises the cast with a sudden vote. Now that Katie isn’t competing, the new contender is sent into The Arena by a house vote. This is unlike every other Lifesaver we’ve seen. Usually, the person in power chooses the replacement.

9. An Uncensored Goodbye

Arissa refuses to play Wall Ball. She wanted to box Beth, but instead of playing the scheduled game she curses out the cast. It’s been a long time since we’ve seen someone make such a loud departure. Arissa gave Beth a free win, kind of like Beth gave Aneesa a free win on The Gauntlet 2 when she refused to play Beach Brawl.

10. BethFF

Throughout the episode, we see Beth and Syrus’s friendship. While we didn’t really see this on their prior seasons together (Battle of the Sexes and The Gauntlet 2), they have been friends for a long time. Beth often sees him, and they’ve reunited on social media. Syrus went all-out for Beth and became her cheerleader at elimination. He was glad to see her back, even though he didn’t have to do much cheering.

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