Challenge: Double Agents

The Challenge Double Agents: Everything We Learned from The Reunions (Part 2)

All of the new information we learned on part 2 of the Double Agents Reunion.

We’re back to the drama after last week.

The Nelson Drama

Nelson brings up the Fessy drama we saw begin last week. Prior to filming the two had a disagreement over a business opportunity. Fessy agreed, backed out, and they didn’t speak until they were in quarantine. Fessy admitted he wanted to get his skull after passing on an opportunity when Joseph was in elimination. Nelson and Fessy haven’t talked since the show, aside from a long text on Nelson’s birthday. Fessy only kind of apologizes, and Cory admits Fessy is not loyal like Nelson. Fessy calls his move selfish, and Nelson says he doesn’t trust Fessy moving forward. However, he doesn’t hate Fessy or think he’s a bad person. He’s someone who’s a bad ally.

Fessy vs. CT

Fessy addresses the fight with CT in the igloo, and Fessy admits he didn’t even know old school CT. He’d only seen War of the World 1 and 2 prior to Total Madness. Even though he won War of the Worlds 2, CT didn’t have a lot of impressive accomplishments on these shows, especially in elimination. So, Fessy wasn’t seeing the beast that CT used to be. Aneesa tells Fessy he could be a great all-around player if he wasn’t so cocky and Nany questions him for going online and gassing up the fans.

Kyle’s Downfall

Kyle discusses the deal he made to keep himself out of the last elimination. Even Kam admits Leroy was in the wrong for making that deal because Kam wasn’t even part of the initial discussion. Leroy tries to call Kyle a snake but he pushes back. Kyle says the fact he’s allegedly fake doesn’t discredit Leroy’s actions and Leroy takes ownership by apologizing to Kyle.

Amber Abomination

We revisit the drama between Amber M. and Amber B. While Amber B. apologizes for lying to Amber M. about the vote, Amber M. doesn’t really accept this. Amber M. says Amber B. sold her out to support an alliance that wouldn’t support her in the long run. Even Big T said Amber B. was dishonest after she watched footage of Amber B.’s voting. Amber B. gets emotional and she ultimately says she took Darrell’s advice to put herself in the best possible position in the game.

The Toxic Team

A lot of people seem to be upset over the move Theresa and Jay made to blindside Ashley and Kam. A lot of people pointed the finger at Jay for going with Theresa’s plan. Nobody trusted Theresa, but people had trust in Jay. Then Josh called out Jay who he had an argument with. Josh said he had a feeling about Jay all season, and looking back on the footage he sees all of the lies Jay told and feels his feelings were validated.

Aneesa’s Acknowledgement

Finally, we get to Aneesa. Vernon tells people to put respect on her name, and she talked about how she loves the game and still has potential on the show. You never know what the game will bring, and Nany echos this. Then, we get a montage of compliments from Nany, CT, Tori, and Cory.

Painful Memories

We see a montage of the injuries from the show. Kyle says his finger hasn’t fully relocated and Nam admits he was really emotional when he left. Just being on the show was a huge achievement for him and it was sad to have to leave due to an injury.

The Lowdown on Getting Down

We also get a montage of hookups that never saw the light of day. First, we see Fessy making out with Ashley which was shown on The Aftershow. We see a lot of playful kisses like Big T & Aneesa, Big T & Ashley, and Aneesa & Amber M. We also see Mechie and Amber M. making out, which is a real hook up that never really got aired on TV. Apparently there was a whole triangle between Amber M., Mechie, and Liv that we didn’t see on the air.

Later Leroy

Leroy confirms he’s still in retirement. Kam, says she’s not retiring with him. Of course, CT is the first to admit a lot of people say they’re going to retire and return, so he’s not convinced. We did get a nice tribute to his Challenge career from his cast members.


  1. I will miss leroy. the challenge show is changing and he is one of the people that is a good old school player and he is a good person overall. i will miss him.

    1. Same. I’ve been a Leroy fan from the beginning. He is such a sweet and caring guy. I’m so happy that he found love with Kam. I’ll miss him on the Challenge.

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