Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 2

The most important moments on Episode 2 of Spies Lies & Allies

Agents are dropping out. New agents are coming in. This will get confusing really quickly.

  1. Heists and Heights

This week we have a jewel thief! In Operation: Heli Heist competitors need to throw jewels from a helicopter to their partner. These partners are riding in SUVs and have their heads out of the moon roof. They’ll catch as many jewels as possible and run them to the finish line. However, there are obstacles on the road and limited time. Competitors like Emy are terrified of heights, while some people like Ed don’t know how to catch. The teams keep going until the last heat where an issue arises.

2. Big Brother Bomb

It turns out Lauren, Josh’s partner has been deactivated (and entirely edited out of the show by production). So, an alternate comes in to work with Josh: Amber B! The two are joined in the final heat by Fessy & Esther. While Amber can’t pull out a win on her first challenge, Fessy & Esther get the win and become the agency. Now, the Big Brother alliance needs to scramble as they try to calm Amber after they betrayed her last season.

3. Meltdown Mitchell

As we saw on episode 1, Ashley has been sleeping around with Nelly T. This episode, she confesses she caught some type of feelings, and admittedly Nelson has been crawling into her bed some nights. The cast finally gets another chance to go out, but Nelson isn’t spending all of his time with Ashley. He’s now flirting with Berna as well. Ashley confronts Nelson for spending time with “Bertha.” Nelson thinks Ashley is being childish, but Nelson does have a veteran girl and a rookie girl to flirt with.

4. Kill or Be Kelz

Josh and Devin forge their alliance, and Josh tells Devin that Fessy wants to target Kelz. Allegedly, Kelz has been making alliances he can’t keep. The veterans decide to target Kelz, but tell Tori last because she kind of has feelings for him. At deliberation, Josh speaks first and says he’s going to vote for Kelz and Tracy because of all of Kelz’s rumored alliances. Kelz says he hasn’t made any, and if he did, Josh wouldn’t be the one to find them. The rookies are starting to think this is a scam to paint a target on Kelz’s back, but it works. Ultimately, Kelz & Tracy get the majority of the house vote.

5. Flip Floppers

At the Lair, we need The Agency to pick opponents. Ed and Emy’s names have been thrown around, but Fessy toys with the idea of sending in Amber. Ultimately, they take the easy approach and pick Ed & Emy, which send Emy into a fit of anger. In the game Flipping Agents. One partner is strapped in while their teammate flips that person over. They use a rope and magnet to collect 12 pieces and complete a puzzle. Ed is thrilled, he’s an engineer and is confident with puzzles. He enters the game with a sense of calmness, but Kelz has a sense of urgency. Tracy seems to be getting flustered while Emy seems to be communicating well through a series of screams. However, Emy has a hard time getting the last piece and Kelz & Tracy have time to catch up. Eventually, Emy gets the piece and quickly solve the puzzle. It’s just a map of the world.

Kelz & Tracy are gone. Ed steals Tori, Emy takes Devin. That leaves Michele and Corey to be a pair by default.

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