Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Why Do People Keep Stealing Tori As a Partner?

All of the rookies want Tori as a partner on Spies, Lies & Allies. Why?

Week one, Tori was paired with Kelz. Week two, Tori was paired with Corey. Week three, Tori will be paired with Ed. She seems to be a hot commodity, but she’s yet to win a mission this season.

On Double Agents, CT openly tried to get Tori as a partner but Cory snatched her up quickly. Then, Devin stole her and she get sent into elimination. She lost in the second female elimination, but she did successfully navigate a drone that season.

Go back another season and Tori was on Total Madness. She panicked trying to get her Gold Skull, but she never did. She fought to get sent into elimination against Jenn Lee for an easy win, but Jenna eliminated her in the this elimination.

So why is Tori such a hot commodity? She’s done five prior seasons and went home early on three. On Dirty Thirty she did well, but she doesn’t have a lot of awe-inducing moments. She worked well with Jordan, but she came in third in the final. Her best season is most likely War of the Worlds 2. That time she did impress. Winning in Hall Brawl against Jenny West is no easy feat, and her victory against Georgia is also impressive. She was the only member of the UK team purged from the final, but she was close to winning. So close that she could have asked Jordan, and he would have let her advance while he got purged.

Since then she hasn’t impressed much, and she’s gotten a fairy bad reputation. On Total Madness and Double Agents she saw two early eliminations, two poor political games, and a reputation of dismissing rookies. Now, the rookies are fighting to work with her.

Tori’s reputation can best be exemplified on Double Agents when CT tried to steal her as a partner. She’s respected in the game, and working with Tori gets you a lot of allies. Plus, we haven’t seen a lot of badass females on recent seasons. Kaycee is pretty good, but she plays a low-key game. Aneesa is an elimination beast allegedly, but she’s not strong on the daily challenges. Ashley won twice, but with big success came a big target. There’s also Nany who is an expert at floating to the end. If you want to get far, Nany is probably a good bet.

Somehow Tori has defaulted to the role of badass. This is because she came in last in two finals. Kaycee has a similar record, but she’d rather not draw attention to herself. Tori, on the other hand, gets a lot of attention but doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. If her relationship with Amber M. is any indication, she doesn’t try to get to know rookies because she thinks she’ll outlast them.

As a newbie in the game, Tori does have an appealing reputation. There’s respect on her name and she has good allies. War of the Worlds 2 Tori deserves this respect. Double Agents Tori does not, but most of the veteran girls have similarly rocky levels of success.

Truthfully, I don’t get the hype. Not to dismiss her, but the past two seasons have not demonstrated a tough competitor. She has a chance of doing well, but the odds might not be in her favor.


  1. I couldn’t agree more with this post. I think she’s one of the better girls but in a line up of very average competitors. I think Kaycee is the one they should be gunning to have by their side – not Tori who folds under pressure season after season

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