Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 8

The most important moments on Episode 8 of Spies Lies & Allies

Now that the whole Fessy mess is out of the way, we’re back to 90 minute episodes.

  1. Berna Victim

Berna returns to the house in shock. She had no idea Emy was trying to steal “Uncle CT” as a partner. Nelson asks Emy why she never gave Berna a heads up because the two were supposed to be “sisters.” Emy says she told nobody about her plan, not even Berna. However, the other veterans show Berna no mercy. Devin was sitting next to Berna at deliberation and spied on her while she was casting her vote. He noticed that she voted for himself & Amber. Now, Berna’s a target… not that she wasn’t already.

2. Down to the Wire

This week’s elimination is called Dive Bomb. On the shore, there’s half the wiring needed to detonate a bomb. Then, the teams need to dive underwater and retrieve the other half of the wiring. Once that’s collected, teams swim to TJ’s yacht and collect keys to unlock their box with wiring. With all of the pieces collected, teams need to solve a puzzle and “detonate a bomb.” The teams are randomly placed into three heats, and the first heat is a disaster for Jeremiah & Big T, but Amber & Devin manage to solve their puzzle first. The second heat is much tenser because the rookie/rookie team, Hughie & Berna, are doing really well. However, Ashley solves the puzzle really quickly and wins the heat faster than the rookies. In the third heat, Bettina calls for the first check, but she’s wrong. This gives CT an opportunity to solve the puzzle and win with his new partner Emy. Surprise, surprise, they are the winning team.

3. Veteran Doing a Rookie’s Job

After the mission, it’s clear that the rookies will be the house vote. This leaves Priscilla and Bettina to scramble because one of the two will be the other competitor in The Lair. Out of left field, Amber contemplates volunteering. She wants to go down and be the person to ensure Berna goes home. She talks to Kaycee and Josh, but they insist she sleeps on it before telling The Agency to send her in. Kaycee implies Amber is getting too cocky after winning Double Agents, but this might just be a plan implemented by the rookies to get a veteran into The Lair.

4. Berna’s Backlash

At nominations, Hughie pleads for a fair shot, even though he knows he’s going into The Lair. Then, Berna talks and tells Emy that she’s mad at her. This is because Emy lied and said she wouldn’t take CT as a partner; not because she actually took CT. Then, Berna confesses to voting in Amber & Devin last week. She tells Amber that she doesn’t like her, and the two girls argue back and forth. Eventually, Ashley intervenes because they’re consuming all the deliberation time. Priscilla speaks up and addresses the rumor of Amber wanting to go into elimination. However, Amber doesn’t want to speak about the rumor openly and stays quiet. Finally, Jeremiah volunteers himself. He knows he’s a target, and he knows it’s best to leave Big T.

5. Bottom of the Pole

Hughie & Berna are heading down to elimination, so their opponents need to be picked. Jeremiah gets sent down quickly, and at the vote, Priscilla gets sent in. The elimination is called Race to Escape. The teams must clime a 30 ft. pole back-to-back with ropes around their wrists. At the top of the pole, there is a blade used to sever the ropes. Once freed, competitors will zipline down. Jeremiah & Priscilla climb in unison and get up the pole quickly. Meanwhile, Hughie struggles and Berna is yelling at him to move. Hughie’s bum is too big and it is pushing him off the pole. At the top of the pole, Jeremiah & Priscilla struggle to cut their rope. However, Berna and Hughie can’t get any footing because he has too much booty. Eventually, Jeremiah & Priscilla cut their rope and jump to victory.

Priscilla has a bone to pick with the veterans. Ashley advised the winners at The Lair to leave a rookie/rookie team. However, Priscilla picks Josh. Because Ashley is his partner, she will absorb one of the partnerless rookies. This means there will be no rookie/rookie team remaining. Jeremiah steals Tori, leaving Nelson & Big T and Ashley & Ed as pairs.

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