Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Amber Explains Why She Didn’t Face Berna in The Lair

Amber's plan to take out Berna fell through. This is the real reason we never saw an Amber/Berna elimination.

On episode 8 of Spies, Lies and Allies, we saw Amber toy with the idea of going into elimination. She wanted Berna out of the game, and she thought she could do the job.

While the confidence is great, the plan never came to fruition. In fact, she wouldn’t even address the rumors when Priscilla mentioned them in the nomination ceremony. The show edited Amber to look like she was stuck up and standoffish. Admittedly, there was a plan in motion and the rookies weren’t a part of it.

Amber recently wrote in Twitter to finish the narrative we never saw on TV.

Apparently, CT refused to vote her in. While the Big Brother alliance might be on shaky ground with Amber, CT still seems to look out for her. He won Double Agents with Amber, so he knows her value in the competition.

Devin also assured her that other girls could take Berna out of the game. Priscilla did the job, so he wasn’t wrong. But we shouldn’t ignore the fact that this was a smart play on Devin’s part. It’s possible that he anticipated another riff in the veterans alliance. Now that there are no rookie/rookie teams, a veteran will need to be voted into The Lair at the next nominations. Most likely, to preserve as many veterans as possible, the veteran/veteran teams will be safe.

Leave it to Uncle CT to keep Amber safe! It would have been pretty badass if did go into The Lair and take out Berna, but eliminations are always chancy. CT forced Amber to make the most secure play, and it likely bought her two weeks of safety.

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