Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

The Challenge Spies Lies & Allies: Top Moments from Episode 9

The most important moments on Episode 9 of Spies Lies & Allies

Now that the whole Fessy mess is out of the way, we’re back to 90 minute episodes.

  1. Dirty Moves

This week we’re watching the Challengers compete in Bombshell Battle. Each team has a color, and they must alternate to retrieve four “bombs” (AKA dyed soccer balls). Then, they deposit their balls in their “detonation station.” After the five balls, there are silver bombs to deposit. The first five teams to get their silver bomb advances to round two. In the first heat, some teams play smart and throw all their balls near their detonation station. Kaycee & Emanuel, Nelson & Big T, Devin & Amber and Logan & Nany. This leaves one ball left, and it becomes a fight. Josh gets a hold of the ball at one point, but everyone piles on top of him. Soon, Cory is in the dog pile with the ball. Rather than fight for it, he tosses it toward Jeremiah. Josh notices this move, and this confirms that Cory and Jeremiah are working together. However, Jeremiah doesn’t even get the final ball into his detonation station. Kyle snags the ball then tosses it to Ed, so Ed & Ashley get to advance.

2. Rookie Decisions

After the first round, Josh is pissed at Cory. He yells at Cory for messing up his game, but Cory wants to win too. The two argue, but security knows to step in before Josh scratches Cory. So we move onto round two, and there are only three silver bombs. This time, the girls fight for the final bomb. Ashley & Ed and Nany & Logan get their balls quickly. In the end, Amber lies on top of Kaycee and Big T gets the third bomb, advancing herself & Nelson. In the final heat, it comes down to Ed, Nelson, and Logan. Nelson gets the silver bomb first, but all three guys are tired. They’re closest to Logan’s detonation station so they cut a deal. All three final teams are safe, and Logan gets the final silver bomb. Nany & Logan become The Agency.

3. Divided At Last

After the Challenge, Cory starts plotting with his alliance plan to vote for Ashley & Ed. Meanwhile, some people are targeting Cory & Bettina. One of them is a rookie who hasn’t seen elimination. The other is working with rookies this season (such as Jeremiah and Priscilla). Ashley tells this information to Devin, and it’s news to him. Devin wants veterans to win this season, but prefers for non-Champion veterans to win. Now he’s torn on what to do, but is waiting for nominations to make up his mind.

4. Veteran Ex-Plosion

At deliberation, it becomes a fight between Ashley and Cory. On one side, Cory claims Ashley is a snake. He says she stabs everyone in the back, but he only cites the $500,000 steal on Final Reckoning as an example. On the other hand, Ashley addresses Cory working with rookies this season. She admits he hasn’t been a shady player in the past, but it’s easy when you ride in the middle of appliances and side with the numbers. People split their opinions, but it comes down to the votes. Ultimately, Cory & Bettina are voted in. Cory’s mad, but it’s clear Ashley had more friends this season.

5. Unbalanced Game

At The Lair, The Agency votes in Jeremiah for the guys. For the women, Nany decides to vote in Amber, the girl who beat her last season. The game is called Hang In the Balance. Competitors need to transfer puzzle pieces across a balance beam by walking with their partner. Then, they need to solve the puzzle to win. Immediately, it becomes clear the awkward beam will be hard to cross. Amber realizes she needs to get low, and this will make it possible for her to get across the beam. It’s a tough strategy, but it’s slowly working. However, this strategy also takes a toll on the body. Competitors aren’t able to get a proper grip and they’re slipping. So Cory & Bettina change their strategy: now they’re higher, closer, and moving quickly. Somehow, they get all of their pieces across first. Now, Cory & Bettina need to solve the puzzle, but Bettina is left to do this independently. Apparently the puzzle isn’t too hard because Bettina solves it and wins.

After elimination, TJ skips a beat. He just sends Bettina & Cory back. No partner swapping. In fact, Tori and Devin don’t even know who their partner is.


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