Real World Homecoming

Real World: New Orleans to Be the Third Homecoming Season

The Real World New Orleans cast will reunite on Paramount+

Real World Homecoming: Los Angeles hasn’t premiered yet, but it looks like season 3 is on the way! You may assume it’d be San Francisco, but Paramount+ has jumped ahead.

Vevmo has revealed that New Orleans will be filming their Homecoming season in the upcoming weeks. All seven cast members have agreed to participate.

It’s been a while since anyone from this season has done anything with MTV. The last we saw someone on The Challenge, Julie was losing the Gauntlet 2 final while Jamie was winning. Interestingly, all seven cast members have done Challenge seasons.

In recent years, Danny Roberts revealed he is HIV positive. He mentioned Kelley helped him through the hardships associated with his diagnosis. Certainly this will be mentioned during the Homecoming season, an interesting parallel to the San Francisco season of The Real World.

It’s very exciting to see the season come back. There will be a quarantine next week, then the cast will film for three weeks. I’d expect this season to premier in Spring 2022.


  1. My favourite Real World season! I’m so thankful they decided to all come back and reunite considering not all of them ended on good terms with one another. I always loved Danny and Kelley’s genuine friendship throughout the years that surpassed the length of time. Plus they were such good partners to one another on Battle of the Seasons. I loved how they both pushed each other to their full potential and believed in each other, but they never hurt each other or betrayed one another and they just knew sometimes, it’s best to take a break than put your body on ice for hours on end for a car. They’re such good people.

  2. Lets hope it’s better than the NY reunion. That was pretty much unwatchable. Could only make it through a few episodes. The LA is a bit better, but disappointing so far too. Like the All Star Challenges much better so far.


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