Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Bettina Reveals She Was Pregnant While Filming Spies, Lies and Allies

Bettina Reveals She was Pregnant During Season 37

In a recent Instagram post, Bettina revealed she was pregnant while filming Season 37 of The Challenge. She says she’s been an elite athlete for most of her life, but her body felt much more exhausted as filming progressed during the season.

When she got eliminated from the show, she went to the doctor. At that time she discovered she was 15 weeks pregnant.

This explained her change in energy level and the weight she gaining during the show. So, she was faced with the reality of a pregnancy.

Bettina decided to have an abortion after discovering the news. Being from Sweden, this was a protected right during this stage of pregnancy.

This is the fourth consecutive season where a cast member was pregnant during filming. Last season, Natalie revealed a pregnancy was the reason she had to leave. On Total Madness, Melissa competed for the whole season while pregnant. On War of the Worlds 2, Faith was pregnant during filming. Additionally, Robin Hibbard was pregnant at the start of The Duel 2 and Gladys was obviously pregnant (seven months) during Battle of the Sexes.

Bettina seems to be doing well after sharing the difficult news. Perhaps we will learn more if she does another Challenge season.

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