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Real World Homecoming Season 4: Will It Be Austin?

Are Real World Austin cast members hinting at a homecoming season?

Is the Real World Austin cast going to reunite? It seems possible.

The Real World Homecoming 3 hasn’t even been formally announced, but we know it’ll reunite the New Orleans cast. Likely, the fourth season is in the works.

Lacey responded to a fan account (…me) to tease the possibility of an Austin reunion. Meanwhile, Wes posted a picture on Instagram with the caption “IYKYK,” or in other words, if you know you know.

This might be a cheeky throwback to his growth since 2005, but the timing seems a bit odd. It seems more likely that Austin is talking about getting their homecoming.

This seems very possible, because many of the cast members are active in the MTV world. Nehemiah, Melinda, and Wes have done All Stars seasons recently. Meanwhile, we know most of the cast members are pretty close. Lacey and Johanna interact with their cast members on social media. Rachel seems to be fairly active too, but she keeps most of her conversations locked on private mode. The only person who’s missing is Danny, but we know Wes still considers him a close friend.

We also know the Homecoming seasons aren’t sequential. While New York and Los Angeles appeared on Homecoming in the same order they appeared on The Real World, New Orleans is Homecoming season 3 and Real World season 9. It wouldn’t be too shocking to see Austin get the fourth slot.

Some people worry the cast wouldn’t have a lot of drama, and that’s a valid concern. We know Wes is close with most of his roommates, and even though there are some exes in the house, they don’t seem to hold a lot of bad blood. Danny and Melinda appeared on Battle of the Seasons together and they worked well as a team. Johanna seemed to have a lot of beef with Wes on The Ruins, but she’s been much more forgiving in recent years.

Even if the season isn’t as explosive, it still seems like a likely choice for season 4. Austin was a massively popular Real World season, MTV knows that, and Paramount+ wants to take advantage of that.


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