Challenge: Ride or Dies

10 Pairs That Should Have Been on Ride or Dies

While production was combing through Germany for rookie pairs, the fans wanted these familiar faces.

The Challenge: Ride or Dies has begun, and guess what: Many fan favorites are missing.

While it’s no surprise that some people are busy or can’t attend due to health needs, some people on this list were simply overlooked or ignored. And while it’s inevitable we’ll get some rookies, it’s a slap in the face to see complete strangers compete together rather than familiar friends.

To qualify for this list the only criterion is that neither person in the pairing made it to the final cast of Ride or Dies.

10. Cory & Cheyenne

There’s an interesting dynamic between these two that’s often overlooked on The Challenge and reserved for Teen Mom. While we all know they have a daughter, Ryder, together, they’re currently co-parenting and making things work as best they can. Of course, it’s not perfect, but they seem to be doing a good job balancing their parental duties and respecting the autonomy of the other. While they’re not in a relationship, there’s no denying that they have a common goal that would force them to work together.

What happened? This pairing is just a pipe dream that could never see reality. Everything is working against it, starting with the fact that both people have partners who would likely have hesitations. Cheyenne just had a baby and was planning a wedding, plus she’s getting that Teen Mom money. Cory is working on other roles and said he was taking a break from The Challenge for personal reasons.

9. Angela & Tyler

While Kaycee and Fessy have become the Challenge mainstays from Big Brother 20, Angela reminded us that there’s more talent on that season when she appeared on The Challenge: USA. Tyler was a crafty player on BB, and Angela was a star on her Challenge, so they’d likely have a big intimidation factor entering the flagship show.

What happened? Apparently, Tyler wasn’t interested in the show — but he was contacted to be Kaycee’s partner. Production also (allegedly) didn’t want to bring Challenge: USA people onto the flagship show yet, and Angela probably had a salty taste in her mouth from her last appearance.

8. Tony & Alyssa

It’s been a while since Tony stepped foot onto The Challenge and he’s been very dedicated to his family in recent years. But, Ride or Dies would have been the perfect opportunity for Alyssa to join him on the show. After all, they’ve talked about her enough. She might as well get paid.

What happened? Tony was contacted for the show, but the two probably couldn’t take the time away for filming. After all, they have a kid together.

7. Kyle & Melissa

Since Vendettas, these two Brits have been friends and a source of comfort for each other. They got very close during Total Madness, to the point where some people thought Kyle was the father of Melissa’s child. (…we’re sure he wasn’t, right?)

What happened? It seems Melissa was down to compete this season, but Kyle was filming Geordie Shore: The Reunion Series when the cast departed. So, he could have only appeared on the show as a late addition, and apparently, Zahida was on deck if that happened.

6. Shane & Ashley

When it comes to the Lavender Ladies, their bond knows no boundaries. They will fight, go into eliminations, and steal money to protect their fellow ladies. Of course, Shane is the only male, and any of the girls could be paired with him, but Ashley has become a Challenge mainstay with a lot of potential in the game.

What happened? Production isn’t crazy about Shane, and it feels like they’ve forgotten Ashley’s number since her departure on Spies, Lies and Allies.

5. Amanda & Hunter

People often forget how close these two were at one point, but Amanda always had Hunter’s back during Invasion and there’s a reason Team Young Buck and the Lavender Ladies were so close. On Final Reckoning, Amanda was eliminated because she refused to throw Hunter & Ashley into elimination, and while they ended on semi-bad terms on War of the Worlds, Amanda was doing her best to keep him safe.

What happened? While there’s no clear reason for their absence, Amanda stated she couldn’t be away from her son for a long period of time again immediately after Spies, Lies and Allies.

4. Zach & Jenna

Apparently, these two are cursed when they’re on the show together, which is part of the reason why they stopped appearing on the same seasons. But this season was the perfect format for them because people couldn’t tear them apart.

What happened? Jenna said she wanted to do this season, but she was pregnant.

3. Kam & Leroy

Though this power couple hasn’t accumulated a single win yet, they’re both strong players in the game. Leroy claims he’s retired, but this was the perfect format for him. He’d be able to compete with his fiancée, and she’s an excellent partner to have.

What happened? Kam was pregnant, and Leroy was sticking by her side. Hello, baby Kingston.

2. MJ & Jonna

All Stars has renewed a lot of interest in The Challenge, but it’s also served as a redemption arc — especially for Jonna. She won back-to-back seasons and attributes a lot of her success to her partner MJ. As far as Challenge friendships go, this one is rock solid.

What happened? MJ recently had knee surgery, which likely threw a wrench in production’s plans. Apparently, Derek Chavez was asked as well, which would have been a good partnership because he knew Jonna before The Real World, but production wanted to keep this duo to All Stars.

1. Cara Maria & Paulie

Credit where it’s due: No one thought this relationship would last when the duo met on Final Reckoning in 2018. Four years later, they’re still going strong. Though they’ve been away from the show for a while, the couple has teased their return and promised to disrupt the status quo, but they didn’t even get onto the plane.

What happened? Apparently, they were going to enter as a twist, but production had a change of heart. The rationale isn’t clear, but it was a huge mistake for the show.

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