Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Can Kyle & CT Continue The Sapphire Team’s Winning Streak?

CT and Kyle went from feuding to teammates. How will this work out?

This week, we saw a heated argument between Kyle and CT. After Kyle tried to steal dynamite from the sapphire team during Boom Raiders, CT’s distrust in him reached an all-time high.

From CT’s viewpoint, he sees Kyle as unstable. He’s always making shady moves and there’s always a reason. Yet Kyle apologized. He claims it was a mistake and he didn’t know the plan.

And let’s be honest, Kyle isn’t the most focused player. During Boom Raiders he didn’t follow a plan that would have let his team win, and during Satellite Sabotage he didn’t follow the rules and take a leap of faith, yet he did all of the hardest work.

Now, Kyle took Josh out of the game. He stole Logan’s spot on the sapphire team, and CT needs to work with Kyle. The sapphire team has been doing well, but Kyle only knows life on a losing team.

Now that the two are working together, it’s hard to image them having a hard time together. CT is very clever, and he’s good at strategizing in the game. In fact, he was the one who wanted to work with Tori and have the ruby and sapphire teams edge-out the emerald team.

On the other side, Kyle is only good at one thing: Pole Wrestle. This skill probably won’t help CT, but Kyle really isn’t the worst competitor. He generally puts in a strong effort and does what he’s expected to do. This is why his actions this season have been so questionable. If he’s messing up in challenges, it probably means he’s scheming.

Working with CT is an ideal situation for Kyle. He wants to win, and CT knows how to do this. I anticipate the new sapphire team will do just fine. Logan may have had a more robust set of skills, but he was always going to get targeted. Kyle is less likely to get targeted, but he’s more likely to have a target than CT.

As the weeks progress, this argument will become a thing of the past. CT and his team will be just fine.

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