Challenge: Spies, Lies & Allies

Every Spies, Lies and Allies Rookie Ranked By Their Likelihood of Returning

All the rookies from Spies, Lies and Allies ranked on their likelihood of returning to The Challenge

Spies, Lies and Allies has introduced a lot of rookies into the Challenge world. We saw many new personalities, and some people emerged as fan favorites. In the old days, we could look forward to seeing a dozen of them on the next season.

But times have changed, and if we learned anything from Double Agents, a lot of them won’t be back. Only 2 of the 10 rookies on that season made their way onto season 37, then those rookies were replaced by new rookies.

Here, I will look at the rookies we saw on Spies, Lies and Allies and rank them based on their likelihood of coming back. This is not a perfect science, but I’ve been following The Challenge for a long time. I’d like to think I have an idea of productions’ intentions, but let’s be honest, they can be a bit unpredictable.

Not Happening

20. Lauren Coogan– Production edited her out of the season she was on. Do you really think they’ll cast her on another season?

Very Unlikely

19. Renan Hellemans– He only lasted a single episode, and he wasn’t shown much. Renan didn’t seem like he was particularly needed for the show.

18. Tracy Candela– Similar to Renan, Tracy left early and she wasn’t central to the plot. Her departure was more of an extension of Kelz leaving.

17. Bettina Buchanan– Even though Bettina lasted longer than other people on the season, she didn’t get a lot of camera time. Plus, she discussed that she was pregnant during filming, and production might not want to showcase this.

Could Go Either Way

16. Hughie Maughan– Though he was a likable character and good LGBTQ+ representation, but his controversial tweets resurfaced. So production might seize the opportunity to cut ties.

15. Jeremiah White– Though he lasted a while, Jeremiah definitely wasn’t a huge figure on the show. He did have a fling with Amber, which was kind of mentioned, but it wasn’t even close to being Amber’s more important plot line. He doesn’t seem hugely important for the show.

14. Gabo Szabó– Though he was kind of fun, Gabo didn’t make a huge impression on the show. He apparently hooked up with Ashley and it wasn’t shown, which is an indication he isn’t a huge figure for the franchise.

13. Priscilla Anyabu– Priscilla gets huge props for making gutsy moves this season, but she hardly received attention otherwise. If she comes back, it’s because she has potential to shake up the game. If she doesn’t come back, it’s because production wants the same people to win.

12. Kelz Dyke– Though he left early, Kelz had unfinished business. He seems built for the show, but only lasting 2 out of 19 episodes makes him forgettable despite his potential.

Decent Shot

11. Tommy Sheehan– One of the nicest guys on the show, Tommy left due to an injury. Many people want to see his full Challenge potential, but he’s also unlikely to be a source of controversy or shocking gameplay.

10. Michaela Bradshaw– Prior to this season, fans had been asking for Michaela on The Challenge. We got her, but she only lasted one episode. She has potential, but she fumbled the bag pretty quickly this time around.

9. Corey Lay– A tough competitor, Corey won his first elimination ever. He might not be the most recognizable name from the show, but he is positive LGBTQ+ representation and has the potential to make waves in the game.

Likely to Return

8. Esther Agunbiade– Esther did a lot this season. She made some power moves, got into fights, and made out with Josh. On paper, she’d be guaranteed to return. The only reason she might not be back relates to the drinks she threw while arguing with Amber.

7. Berna Canbeldek– Production loves a controversial figure. Between being a bad partner for CT, hooking up with Nelson, and arguing with Amber, Berna is closely involved with Challenge drama. Plus, she’s been caught in more drama off-screen. If she comes back, she’ll have a storyline to continue.

6. Tacha Akide– Even though she only lasted a few episodes, Tacha has a huge fan base and more followers than anyone else. That’s why production will want her back.

5. Logan Sampedro– With multiple elimination wins, Logan is a strong player in the game. He also worked well with veterans and had a fling with Big T. He’s interesting enough to include in a future cast, but not too overwhelming that he’d steal the light from one of the big stars.

Very Likely to Return

4. Michele Fitzgerald– Of all the Survivor competitors this season, Michele made the biggest splash. She fought against the veterans’ alliance and she won an elimination. Off the season she’s been hanging out with Challengers and keeping up with the drama. Michele has a storyline on the show, and it’s not over yet.

3. Ed Eason– Coming in as a replacement, Ed was an instant burst of fun energy. He’s a tough competitor with a good sense of humor, and fans liked him. He’s frequently been on The Aftermath, so production seems to want to keep him around.

2. Emanuel Neagu– While Emanuel benefitted from his teams this season, he also had his own successes. He had flings with Michele and Tori, the latter being a major figure on the show. Emanuel is charismatic and a wildcard in the game. There’s no reason for him not to be back.

1. Emy Alupei– An over-the-top reality personality, Emy won four eliminations and earned a lot of fans. Viewers and Challenge mainstays liked her, and they will continue working with her. By getting to the final, she proved her potential and she has a shot of winning. The only reason she wouldn’t return would be if her music career takes off. In other words, she’ll definitely be back.

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