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Leroy & Kam Are Engaged? The Couple Celebrate Their Baby Shower.

Kamroy’s baby shower was full of MTV alum.

It’s a celebration in Texas. Kamroy are having their baby shower for their son, presumably named Kingston based on the banner on the wall. Of course, some of their MTV friend showed up and we got a mini reunion.

Bananas, Nelson, Nany, Kaycee, Nehemiah, Jordan, and Nia were there. Dario was there, though it didn’t seem like the MTV crew were really interacting with him. Fessy was also there, mostly talking in the back of the room because he’s shy.

But, the most interesting part was when Nelson grabbed Kam’s hand and showed a ring. So, does this mean the two are engaged?

Either way, this is exciting for the new family. Kam is looking great and everyone seems happy to celebrate. I’m sure the engagement will come out in time if it’s real, though it would be quite sad the Nelson was the one who broke the news.

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