The Challenge

Dr. Laurel Stucky Filming Something For The Challenge

Laurel is making a return, but where will we see her?

Soon-to-be-doctor of veterinary sciences Laurel Stucky announced on Twitter she will be filming something for The Challenge. Love her or hate her, she’s an old school player and has a long history on the show.

So what’s coming?

Well, we know that Season 38 isn’t filming until (approximately) May. So, it’s not the upcoming season of The Challenge. Which shouldn’t be a surprise because we would know more about the season if it was filming in the next week.

It’s also not the upcoming War of the Worlds Tournament for Paramount+. Again, we’d likely have more information about this show if it was filming soon and Laurel is at a big stage in her life. The time commitment for any season seems like it wouldn’t fit at this point.

So, our trusty spoiler source Gamer has some likely insights.

There’s a good chance she’s giving a little bit of time to provide commentary for a Challenge documentary. It would be awesome if it was akin to the Challenge Uncensored special that aired prior to The Inferno 2 where they touched on “secrets” from behind the scenes. This is something fans would enjoy, and it would make sense for MTV or Paramount to get involved with this type of content because there are tons of podcasts spilling the tea for us.

Or, she could be part of the workout special. Laurel is one of the best and most athletic girls to do the show, though it feels like she has other career prospects and many Challengers have nothing better to do.

Regardless, it’s nice to know Laurel still has some ties to the show, and there’s promise of seeing her again, even if it’s just for a short time.

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