The Challenge

Laurel Stucky Preparing to Become a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine

It’s Dr. Stucky now.

It’s been a few years since Laurel has been on our screens, but she’s had a good reason. She’s been in school studying to become a vet.

Recently, she posted a professional headshot on Instagram. She’s glowing, looking beautiful, while also looking very professional. It seems like it’s time for her to enter the workforce and start improving the lives of animals.

Laurel has been in school for years now. It appears she started in 2018, so she somehow managed to make time to appear on War of the Worlds 2 and Ex on the a Beach. But, this didn’t derail her plans. She stayed in school and kept pushing toward her degree.

Laurel has shared details about her schooling on her social media, including some of her milestones. In 2021, she told her followers she started practicing surgery on animals.

This is a huge accomplishment. It might mean Laurel won’t be back on MTV, but she pursued a passion. I’m so impressed with her commitment, and have no doubt she will excel at this rewarding career.


  1. Yes it’s really bittersweet for me! She’s one of the best Challengers MTV has had on the show!!!! But it sadly means it has come to an end most likely. 😔 she talked all about it in Banana’s podcast Death, Taxes and Bananas. So sad, will be hoping though that Cara Maria does come back!!! Cross fingers!

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