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Challenge 38 Delayed, Production Interviewing Rookies

Two new shows are coming, but fans have different priorities than production.

With the announcement of the War of the Worlds tournament, The Challenge seems to have new priorities. Season 38 was slated to film in March, but that’s no longer the schedule. Now, it is believed that TJ will be in Argentina to film the CBS “Challenge” rather than Season 38. So, that means the main series won’t film until May.

That doesn’t mean production has stopped all progress on S38. As was previously reported, producers have taken recommendations for new rookies from the veterans. Now, they’re interviewing these potential cast members.

This still leaves a lot of time for things to change. There’s also a rumor that S38 is gearing up to be a partners challenge where veterans appear on the show with a significant other, friend, or family member. PinkRose has denied this rumor, but it doesn’t seem impossible. Remember, Season 31 was originally going to be cast as Bloodlines 2 until they switched for Vendettas.

Regardless of the intent, I highly doubt that we’ll get a season where everyone is paired with a partner they knew previously.

The good news here, Season 38 is still in the works. The bad news: it’s been delayed. The so-so news: War of the Worlds is happening, but it has become the priority.


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