Challenge: USA

The Challenge: World Championship USA Official Cast

The CBS cast members competing on The Challenge: War of the World tournament.

Paramount+ going international with its War of the Worlds tournament. Before our representative face international contenders, we need to find competitors from CBS the United States.

Update: The name of the show is now “The Challenge: World Championship”

Thanks to Gamer and Vevmo, we have our list of US competitors. Keep in mind, some people are alternates, so the cast will change.

LOCATION: Argentina

HOST: TJ Lavin

Alyssa Lopez: Big Brother 23

Alyssa Lopez

Angela Rummans: Big Brother 20

Angela Rummans

Azah Awasum: Big Brother 23

Azah Awasum

Ben Driebergen: Survivor Heroes vs Healers vs Hustlers & Winners at War

Ben Driebergen

Cashay Proudfoot: Love Island 3

Cashay Proudfoot

Cashel Barnett: Love Island 1

Cashel Barnett

Cayla Platt: Amazing Race 33

Cayla Lee

Cely Vazquez: Love Island 2

Cely Vazquez

Cinco Holland: Love Island 3

Cinco Holland

Danny McCray: Survivor 41

Danny McCray

David Alexander: Big Brother 21 & 22

David Alexander

Desi Williams: Survivor Heroes vs. Healers vs. Hustlers

Desi Williams

Domenick Abbate: Survivor Ghost Island

Domenick Abbate

Derek Xiao: Big Brother 23

Derek Xiao

Enzo Palumbo: Big Brother 12 & 22

Enzo Palumbo

James Wallington: Amazing Race 32

James Wellington

Javonny Vega: Love Island 3

Javonny Vega

Justine Nbida: Love Island 2

Justine Nbida

Kyland Young: Big Brother 23

Kyland Young

Kyra Green: Love Island 1

Kyra Green

Leo Temory: Amazing Race 23, 24, & 31

Leo Temory

Sarah Lacina: Survivor Cagayan, Game Changers, & Winners at War

Sarah Lacina

Shannon St. Clair: Love Island 3

Shannon St. Claire

Shantel Smith: Survivor 41

Shantel Smith

Tasha Fox: Survivor Cagayan & Second Chances

Tasha Fox

Tiffany Mitchell: Big Brother 23

Tiffany Mitchell

Tyson Apostol: Survivor Tocantins, Heroes vs. Villians, Blood vs. Water, & Winners at War

Tyson Apostol

Xavier Prather: Big Brother 23

Xavier Prather


Florita Diaz: Love Island 3

Florita Diaz

Josh Goldstein: Love Island 3

Josh Goldy

Mike Holloway: Survivor Worlds Apart

Mike Halloway

Olivia Kaiser: Love Island 3

Olivia Kaiser


  1. You may already know this but it looks like now Liana is off the list, and Leo from Amazing Race 23, 24, and 31, and Cayla from Amazing Race 33 are on it.

  2. So, now the requirement to be on the Challenge is to never have appeared on The Real World or Road Rules?

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