Real World Portland

Jordan in Poland Helping Troops from Ukraine

With Ukraine in need, only one cast member is willing to travel and do something.

Wars aren’t just silly themes for MTV Challenges, and as the crisis unfolds, Jordan Wiseley decided to get off his ass and do something. Currently, he is in Poland to provide supplies to troops fighting for Ukraine.

Jordan and his roommate showed up in Poland without a plan, but there’s no shortage of work. Because Jordan has a US passport, he has an easier time crossing borders than people with European passports.

Of course, Jordan can do everything, so he finds himself as a driver. He grew up driving manual cars, a skill needed in Europe, so he’s spending his days driving back and forth. The faster he moves, the more supplies get delivered. Meanwhile, his roommate has experience as an EMT, so he has many skills that can be put to use.

Regardless of his past, this is an incredibly admirable move by Jordan. He saw an issue, and he’s donating his time and skills to make a difference. The situation in Ukraine is very scary, especially for those who can’t avoid it. It takes a great amount of courage for Jordan to leave the comfort of his home in LA to help people in the middle of a war.

Way to go Jordan. Many people claim to be brave, but this truly shows it.


  1. I am not surprised. Even though he can be a jerk sometimes, Jordan is a good guy with a great heart.

  2. Props to Jordan, for not just saying he cares about the situation but actually proving it. Best part is you can he’s really doing it to help out genuinely not for the clout at all. Proud of him!

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