The Challenge

The Challenge Releasing Workout Special

Want a hot body? Watch take a Challenge fitness class!

MTV is ready to get moving. Challenge cast members have united for a fitness class hosted by Road Rules alumna and 2-time champion Rachel Robinson. confirmed the special will air on the Challenge YouTube channel on April 18.

For those who don’t know, Rachel is a fitness trainer and works for Barry’s Bootcamp. She confirmed on the Mike Lewis Podcast that she started hosting virtual workouts for the brand early into the pandemic. So if MTV is going to do this, she is the right person for the job.

Rachel robinson

So who else is in the mix? Well, Rachel is coaching a class full of stars. We’ll see Mark Long, Tori Deal, Corey Lay (for some reason), Nelson Thomas, Nicole Zanatta, and Devyn Simone. These are some of the biggest names on The Challenge, so they know a thing or two about getting fit.

In all actuality, this is just a little bonus. A fun, free special to help pass the time until we hear something regarding a future season.

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