Johnny Bananas

Johnny Bananas in Ukraine to Help Deliver Supplies to Troops

Bananas travels to Europe to help out troops in Ukraine.

Last week, we saw Jordan head to Poland to help deliver supplies to troops in Ukraine. Well, it looks like another champion has felt the urge to help. Johnny Bananas has also gone to Poland and Ukraine to provide help.

Much like Jordan, he arrived in the country to help deliver supplies. He’s providing resources to troops and doctors in need.

Some people have pointed out the differences between the two. While Jordan is out there getting dirty, Johnny seems to be awfully stylish and has posed for many photo ops. I wouldn’t rule out the possibility of this being an episode of 1st Look or some type of promotion.

But, there’s still work to be done. Even if Bananas is taking easier jobs and snapping a few pictures, he’s still making a difference. People need supplies, and they’ll accept them from TV stars or construction workers.

So, I think Bananas commitment to helping is noble. Clearly, he’s not there alone because someone is taking pictures, but he’s still taking a risk. Hopefully, Bananas stays safe out there and helps the people get the resources they need.

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