Challenge: All Stars 3

Is Kailah Too Young to Be On All Stars?

All Stars is going new school.

If you look at season 1 of All Stars, there appeared to be a strong emphasis on old school competitors. Sure, there were people like Jemmye who were fairly young and Aneesa who was still active on the main series, but both were over a decade (or two) removed for their debuts. On All Stars 3, we have Kailah who isn’t even 30, debuted on The Real World six years ago, and was last seen on The Challenge in 2020.

So far, she’s been doing well. And of course she has been. She’s young, active, and in prime shape to do a main series Challenge.

As most fans know, All Stars was formed out of the desire for an Old School Challenge. Kailah debuted on Invasion, season 29 of the show (along with Sylvia). That’s not very “old school” by most standards.

And it’s not like production needed Kailah to fill the cast and fit the theme. Sophia from Road Rules: The Quest and Tara from Road Rules: Northern Trail were alternates for this season. They both fit the OG and finalist mold.

But there’s no denying that there’s more buzz around Kailah’s name. People know here and like her. If production was trying to get attention, Kailah’s name is the one that will get attention. That’s not to say the two Road Rules girls are unlikeable, but they were both absent from our screens for nearly two decades before Sophia reappeared for All Stars 2.

In my opinion, being on All Stars isn’t so much about age; it’s more about ability and recency. Kailah could do a main series Challenge if she wanted, she just doesn’t want to commit the time. Meanwhile, there are people who’d like to do All Stars that won’t get the same opportunities as Kailah on the main series.

So, there is something lost when you have Kailah on the show. All Stars wasn’t designed for her at its inception. It was for the real OGs: the people who wanted to have fun rather than slit throats. Kailah never knew that type of a game.

But, I also can’t blame Kailah. She was given an opportunity that people would kill to have and she embraced it. But when someone so new on the show appears, an OG loses their chance at a comeback. That makes me, and old school fan, quite sad.

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  1. Honestly I feel like anyone who is originally from Road Rules (obviously lol) or The Real World should be considered for all stars. Idk but it makes it feel authentic. Yes, she’s young and the newer seasons made The Challenge feel dirty. But she actually came to compete and I love to see faces we’ve grown to love …and hate haha as opposed to competitors from different shows or worse different channels.

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