Challenge: All Stars 3

Nia Shares Growth and Apology With Jordan

Nia and Jordan are close now. What happened?

Coming into All Stars 3, it looked like Nia and Jordan were attached at the hip. If you didn’t know about their past, you’d assume they were good friends. But most of us know that’s not true. The last time we saw Nia she was furious with Jordan, made crude jokes, and crossed many lines.

Apparently, a lot happened off camera. And Nia alluded to this on Instagram.

While it’s nice to see the two grow, Nia’s post is quite vague. It doesn’t talk about specifics, and she doesn’t have to. But it leaves some people wondering if the apology all for TV?

The first time we saw Jordan and Nia reconnect, it was after Jordan came under heat for his past comments on the show. While he received his punishment years after he made the offensive comments (for the most part), production was in the middle of a Dee-related PR scandal. So it kinda looked like Jordan was attempting his own PR campaign to right his wrongs.

And maybe he was. But what did Nia have to gain from this? Was she helping a friend, or was she really apologetic?

If you’ve listened to Nia talk recently, she’s had a lot of time to reflect on her actions. She does seem remorseful, and she struggled a lot after her time on the show. She wanted a job in corporate aviation, but she wasn’t getting hired due to her TV appearances. Though she did have a job by the time she publicly reconnected with Jordan.

Likely, both of them where caught in the heat of the moments on Real World Portland and Exes 2. Not only were they mad, but they probably wanted to get camera time. Little did they know that attention would backfire.

I truly believe this apology. Are they gloating about it for the cameras? Maybe, but I do think they’ve both moved past their prior mistakes and are excited to be on a show together where they’re not fighting each other.


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