Challenge: All Stars 3

The Challenge All Stars 3: Episode 3 Old School Overview

All the old school moments to make Episode 3 of All Stars 3 make sense.

Contestants are leaving, but viewers are back. These are the old school moments that will help jog your memory so episode 3 makes sense; you can head to Paramount+ to stream full episode.

1. Duel Daddy

Mark is talking to a stuffed replica of himself that’s from The Duel 2. It’s kinda like Johnny Banobblehead from Rivals 2, but slightly less obnoxious.

2. Bringing the Dirt

The challenge is called Playing Dirty and it’s musical chairs in a mud pit. Grab a ball and advance, or fail to get a ball and get eliminated. We’ve seen variations of this game many times in the past, like: Mud Bath on The Gauntlet, Piñata Party on Gauntlet 3, Dirty Mouth on Fresh Meat 2, or Search & Destroy on War of the Worlds.

3. Weighing Down a Relationship

Kendal uses her sabotage to give MJ a weighted vest in the challenge, which slows him down and makes him lose. Jonna gets really mad about this because she has a special relationship with MJ. They won All Stars 2 together, after all.

4. Pre-MTV Challenge

The cast throws a 70s party, which is a nice throwback to the 90’s party on All Stars 1. Nia is hidden in the background wearing a tie dye MTV shirt. But as we know, MTV wasn’t around in the 70s.

5. An Unfavorable Favor

Wes asks Jordan to send Yes into elimination, and Wes reveals he hates asking Jordan for a favor. The two don’t have the best history with one another, most notably when Jordan called Theresa a bitch on Battle of the Exes 2 and sparked a fight. But, it doesn’t work. Syrus gets voted in, even though Jordan votes for Yes.

6. Giving the Finger

Tina broke her finger in the challenge, which takes her out of the game, but it might be Veronica’s saving grace. Ironically, Veronica left Vendettas because she broke her finger during an elimination.

7. Small Hall Brawl

The elimination is called Weight Up, and the girls are off the hook because Tina and Jemmye had to leave. But, MJ & Syrus need to compete, and the goal is to throw sandbags into a bucket and weigh it down, revealing a drywall. Competitors need to smash through the drywall and ring a bell. MJ gets it done first, and claims it’s his first elimination win in over a decade. Remember, he never saw an elimination on All Stars 2, so the last time he won, he was beating Dunbar in The Elevator on The Duel 2.

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