The Challenge

Shane Landrum Confirms He’s Not Welcome on The Challenge Until He Apologizes

Shane confirms production is mad and they want him to apologize.

In 2017 and 2018, Shane Landrum seemed to be reinserting himself into The Challenge world. He returned on Invasion, came back on Vendettas, and played a huge role on Final Reckoning. Production seemed to love him, even casting him on Champs vs. Stars 2 despite the fact that he never appeared in a final.

Then, they dropped him.

So what happened? Well, Shane publicly called out production for being misogynistic and catering to people like Bananas. He believes they only cast women who play side roles, and they’d rather focus on them being promiscuous and dramatic.

It’s interesting to note that this rant happened in the summer of 2020, after Bananas won Total Madness. Shane hadn’t appeared on the show for three seasons, but it was also before Double Agents. Many people have noticed that the casting has become more diverse since 2018, notably after Dee’s departure, with Double Agents being a significant turning point. While Shane is not the reason casting changed, he likely was part of an environment that favored people of a certain demographic.

But this incident was never televised, and it happened a few years ago. Shane’s been semi-banned, and he’s finally addressed fan questions.

Essentially, production wants a public apology, and Shane won’t give it. He stands by his statements, even stating that it resulted in an investigation and firing.

And it kind of sucks. Yes, Shane is dramatic, but he’s also a good competitor and a serious wildcard in the game. In today’s age, we shouldn’t ban people who discuss inequities. It doesn’t take a genius to watch the show, especially during the 2010s, and see that people like Bananas, CT, or Wes were treated like stars. All of whom are white, straight men.

Shane ought to come back, and no, production doesn’t deserve an apology. When they brought Shane back in 2016, they wanted an outspoken cast member, and that’s exactly what they got.


  1. Absolutely every casting choice in the post war of the worlds era makes perfect sense now that I know production are a bunch of Karens

  2. Good, don’t apologize and don’t come back. Good riddance to a bully. No one should be rewarded for being a mean spirited bully. Byyyeeeee

  3. Never liked Shane. While he’s a good competitor he’s petty and messy. Oh but that about sums up the Challenge. I could also say that about several others. Since we are talking about Shane. It’s NO love lost.Good riddance.

  4. Pfft Shane wasn’t even that good and boring to watch, if you don’t like what is being produced go elsewhere, what an idiot always want to cancel shit I’m so happy you won’t show up anymore

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