Challenge: All Stars 3

The Challenge All Stars 3: Episode 6 Old School Overview

All the old school moments to make Episode 6 of All Stars 3 make sense.

Two rivalries ended last week. This week you can find some new ones. Here are the old school moments you need to make sense of episode 6 of All Stars 3; you can head to Paramount+ to stream the full episode.

1. The Build Up

This week’s challenge is called Stacked, and seven competitors need to scratch out a code to unlock an oar. Then, five will use it to paddle and paddleboard and collect puzzle pieces. Finally, three of them will use them to solve a puzzle. This is a funnel-style challenge where competitors are reduced as the game advances, similar to Rafty Race on The Duel or Race to the Alter on Battle of the Exes.

2. Exed In

During the women’s heat, Kellyanne has a lead and gets to the puzzle first. Then, Wes yells some tips to her, which she says are actually helpful. Wes says that few exes have a chance to work together in this capacity over a decade later. The two dated in 2009, during the filming of The Ruins. They broke up later that year, but they did reunite on Rivals 3 and worked together a little bit.

3. Destination: Elimination

Sylvia tries to work with Kellyanne, who is in the Authority, but they don’t see eye-to-eye. So, Sylvia ends up in The Arena and says she’s no stranger to eliminations. This is true, prior to All Stars, she had won 5 and only lost one.

4. A Puzzling Choice

Throughout the episode, Sylvia gives Jonna credit for her skills with puzzles. This is not unfounded. Jonna unlock the final safe on All Stars 2, which is why Sylvia tried to slow her down with an extra lock using the sabotage during the challenge. Then, Sylvia picked Nia over Jonna because the elimination looked like a puzzle. Remember, Jonna beat puzzle-wiz Sarah on Rivals in a puzzle elimination.

5. Solving the Curse

MJ called Derrick into elimination because Derrick isn’t the best with puzzles… and he knows it. Derrick went home on a puzzle in All Stars 2, but he redeemed himself today with a win in Starstruck.

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