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Cory Wharton Welcomes Third Daughter, Reveals Tricuspid Atresia Diagnosis

Cory and Taylor are helping their new daughter born with a heart condition.

Cory Wharton has welcomed his third baby, and third daughter, Maya Grace Wharton into the world on June 1, 2022; his second with Taylor Selfridge.

However, Maya was born with a condition called tricuspid atresia. The condition results in the tricuspid valve between two of the heart’s chambers isn’t formed, resulting in poor blood flow, and causing the lower heart valve to be underdeveloped.

Cory shared that the condition will require three surgeries, and Maya has completed the first one. It appears Cory has put his focus on his daughter’s recovery, as he hasn’t been very active on social media.

However, he’s also facing the challenge with courage. He’s always been very close to his daughters and they’ve been his motivation on later Challenge seasons. He’s not on season 38, which isn’t a shock considering the season’s proximity to Maya’s birth.

While this seems like a sad occasion, Cory and Taylor were somewhat prepared. Taylor shared that she learned of Maya’s condition when she was 22 weeks pregnant. With that information she was prepared for three open heart surgeries. But, Maya’s first procedure placed in stent instead of having open heart surgery. While still very serious, it’s less severe and demonstrates Maya is doing better than anticipated.

This is a very tough situation, but I applaud Cory and Taylor for their preparation, care, and openness. This is incredibly emotional for any parent to endure, but they’re handling it as best as they can, and Maya is lucky to have them as parents.

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  1. I’m sooooo sorry to hear about ur daughter @corey n @taylor. I’m praying n hoping for the best. Keep us informed. Keep ur heads up. Ur fans r behind yall.

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