Challenge: All Stars 3

The Challenge All Stars 3: Episode 8 Old School Overview

All the old school moments to make Episode 8 of All Stars 3 make sense.

Five men and five women remain. Here are the old school moments you need to make sense of episode 8 of All Stars 3; you can head to Paramount+ to stream the full episode.

1. The Dirty 60

At the beginning of the episode, Derrick celebrates Mark’s victory. He praises “The Godfather” for doing so well at 50, and asks if he’ll still be there at 60. You never know. Mark celebrated his 34th birthday on The Gauntlet 2. Then he retired. And he retired again at 37 after The Duel 2. But he didn’t retire after Battle of the Exes, when he was 40. So 60 might not be too farfetched.

2. One Digit Short

Veronica is sent home because her toe is broken after falling down the stairs last episode. This is the second time a digit cost her the game. She left Vendettas after breaking a finger in Crazy 8.

3. High Colors

The cast is playing Flight Pattern, a game where they go up in a helicopter, memorize a pattern, drop from the helicopter, swim to a puzzle, and recreate the puzzle. This is pretty unique, but the puzzle memorization is closest to What Goes Up, Must Come Down from Final Reckoning.

4. Fear of Falling

Nia goes up in the helicopter, and fear gets the best of her. She doesn’t want to dangle over the water because she’s afraid of heights. So, she pulls a Nate from Rivals 3 and doesn’t jump. So only three girls compete, letting Jonna win, joining Mark in The Authority.

5. Shellebrating Too Soon

Wes is getting a little power-hungry, so he says he’ll call out Derrick if he’s in elimination. Then, he’ll have so many stars that he’ll be chucking them at the competitors behind him in the final like shells in Mario Kart. This isn’t our first Mario Kart reference, Sarah one made during Force Field on Battle of the Seasons.

6. Banana Time

Wes just can’t figure out his strategy, so he calls Johnny Bananas. I guess they’re friends after being allies on Total Madness.

Riding the Pole

All of Wes’s strategizing is in vain. Derrick gets nominated because Mark wants to give him the opportunity to pick his opponent. Meanwhile, Kailah is nominated for the women. Kailah picks Kellyanne, while Derrick toys with the idea of a rematch. Wes beat him in Pole Wrestle on The Duel, and it was a grueling loss. But Derrick takes the “easy” route and selects Nehemiah as his opponent.

Episodes to Burn

The game is Light My Fire, which is Pole Wrestle with the added step of lighting the pole on fire. But we get a cliffhanger ending, common for the last elimination. One example: The Duel 2.

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