The Challenge

What Would the Ultimate Good Guys Team Look Like?

Calling all good guys: We’re building the ultimate team.

Years ago, Challengers would arrive at a house and get separated into two teams. If they were lucky enough to appear on The Inferno 2 (or unlucky enough to appear on The Inferno 3), they had a chance of being classified as a “Good Guy.”

Of course, production assembled the cast before they assembled the teams. So the Good Guys weren’t the nicest people we’ve seen on The Challenge, The Real World, and Road Rules. Instead, they are the 10 nicest people out of the 20 cast members (and even that’s debatable).

If production ever assembled the ultimately Good Guys team, what would it look like? The team would consist of people who fit into the “nice guy” (or girl) archetype. They’re the ones who avoid confrontation, treat others with respect, and if they are in an argument, they’re generally the voice of reason. My only criterion is that the person has done at least one Challenge, but I will give priority (and more forgiveness) to people who have done multiple seasons.

Timmy Beggy

The Challenge has always been a show fueled by drama, but if there was ever a person who wanted to maintain the lighthearted competition, it was Timmy. He jokingly called himself the “chaperone” on The Inferno 3, but he kind of was, and his departure and retirement was a touching and wholesome way for him to bow out.

Leroy Garrett

If there was ever someone to root for by default, it’s probably Leroy. He’s generally likable and has the ability to channel all of his anger and frustrations into the game and leave it on the field. There have been times when I wanted him to be more cutthroat and make a shady move, but ultimately, his character is built on his inability to be a snake in the game.

Landon Lueck

If we looked at The Real World, maybe Landon wouldn’t be on this list. Not that he ever did anything wildly bad, but he enjoyed drinking and hooking up. As a competitor, he earned a reputation as a fair, rational player. He’s never one to take the easy route, but his star “good guy” reputation was solidified on Fresh Meat 2 where he stuck by Carley’s side and helped her cross the finish line.

Cohutta Grindstaff

You’d have a hard time ever finding something moderately malicious committed by Cohutta. Generally, he’s a nice guy, even when it’s to his detriment. This helped people root for him on The Ruins, but also earned him a lot of sympathy on seasons like Free Agents and Bloodlines.

Yes Duffy

It’s rare to see someone so well-liked emerge as the winner of a reality show, but Yes pulled off the victory on All Stars. While he’s always a rational player, his shining moment was in the final when he motivated his partner Jonna as she was fatiguing. He took his victory humbly, and used the money to support civic causes.

Jenny West

For someone so physically strong, Jenny never enjoyed showing off. She finds joy when others have success, and celebrates their victories alongside them. While she was the clear front runner on Total Madness, her victory was welcome because it meant a good guy came out on top.

Big T

CT literally had to coach Big T on how to be mean, and that should tell you something about her demeanor. As someone who overcame struggles in life, she’s able to handle the game with grace and support others rather than be sneaky and deceptive.

Kendal Sheppard

In the early days, Kendal was a girl next door and was best known for dating the Miz (and earning Coral’s approval). Since then, she’s worked as a nurse. She fights on the show to be a role model to her kids, and she’d rather play a fair game than a malicious one. She left All Stars 3 early, but had she stayed around, we might have seen a more calculated player… maybe on season 4.

Devyn Simone

While Devyn is almost always a nice and rational person, she also has a reputation for sarcasm and snarky comments. So why is she on the list? Because she looks so nice, and none of her behaviors a have convinced me otherwise. She’s often overdressed, showing up for nominations in an outfit suitable for Easter brunch, and she’s ready to be on camera at a moment’s notice. Maybe hosting the Aftershow is the perfect gig for her?

Sarah Rice

Some people may disagree with this choice because Sarah has some moments where she isn’t the nicest, but she’s also edited to fit the ultimate nice girl role. She loves The Challenge because she gets to do badass things, she would rather play camp games than watch people fight, and she often talks about how she lost her first seven seasons because she wouldn’t play a dirty game. Plus, she’s a therapist in real life. How can you fault her?

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